09 May 2018

Advanced Technology Insider Emery Smith Has Created Inventions that Can Heal the Planet ~ Anne ~ 7 May 2018

Source: True Disclosure

This prolific insider is also a skilled inventor who owned an amazing company based on ZeroPointEnergy for 5 years. As you can imagine, that did not go over too well with those who prefer a muted status quo. And Emery has faced numerous challenges.

Headline Image Source: Exo News

He's been severely criticized, suppressed, harassed, and threatened for the work he has tried to bring forward. Yet, he has still managed to keep his wits about him and share his great wealth of knowledge.

Although we have added him here on True Disclosure as a "whistleblower" and others have referred to him as "Secret Space Program whistleblower", the title "insider" is more appropriate and that is what Emery prefers as well:
A lot of you did not know I was part of these programs. I don't necessarily call it the Secret Space Program - that's kinda a pop culture thing. I'm definitely an insider and I'm here to tell the story and I'm one of the most highly credentialed insiders based on the documents I've presented to major organizations. Emery Smith
And in the following interview, he discusses the importance of using his inventions to help others and heal the planet. He shares his struggles and his joys; as well as some tidbits regarding fascinating new free energy technology and the capacity to clean up massive toxic nuclear messes like Fukushima.

It's so refreshing to have an insider on the frontlines with such expanded awareness and compassion for others:
All my inventions only help Gaia, the earth, and only helps the animals and beings on the planet, and the humans as well. Let's do something that everyone can benefit from... Emery Smith
This is an excellent interview with a lot of heart. Huge thanks to Kosta at ETLetsTalk.com.

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