07 May 2018

Ascending to the New Earth: Client QHHT Sessions ~ Allison Coe ~ 4 May 2018

As you know, Allison Coe diligently collated information pertaining to The Event that came through for her clients during their QHHT sessions. March 2018 was the time period suggested by the data, but this date has come and gone.

With that said, Allison describes in this video the sessions of two different clients ~ one month apart ~ this time painting a picture of what Life in 5D is like. Please view the video here.

Here are some sketchy notes.

First Client:
  • Client describes the paradise that is 5D; environment is high energy, harmonious and beautiful; physical body is vibrant, healthy and youthful
  • The Event is the catalyst for ascendioug to 5D
  • The Event happens in 2018, 5D in 2019
  • Current lifetime is the most important for client, that is why he was shown this particular one
  • Client is advised to start grounding to New Earth ~ he helps others make the transition to 5D 
  • He will experience The Event as waves of bliss, others who may not be aware will be dazed and confused; this will happen "very soon"
  • Client advised to "be" at New Earth as much as possible
  • Client's Higher Self also suggests for us to start grounding to New Earth as this would help set the energies ~ like a tree, pulling in energy from the New Earth and putting it back, thereby aligning more to her
  • When in meditation, connect to Source, yes; but not grounding to "old" Earth.

Second Client:

  • Everything is Light and feels crystalline; she really likes how she looks
  • Crystals are used to help connect with others, like phones
  • The New Earth is the current Earth, reborn
  • Client walked across a bridge to get to New Earth, "pretty much every one" went
  • Rainbow cloud rolling in like a fog was the moment of The Event ~ it changed everything and everyone. Client breathed and soaked in the energies of The Event
  • Client helped to calm the people around her, who were confused
  • Everything had to stop for a while as people processed what was going on, but no chaos
  • The Event happening "very soon"
  • Client taken to a point 6 months after The Event ~ everybody seemed to have a sense of Beingness (more conscious?); governments are willing to listen but there's a lot of clean-up to do
  • Client believes that because she breathed in the energies of The Event, it helped her to hit the ground running and hold more Love, she's able to help others (Allison calls them "First Responders")
  • Reality is changing for everyone, they can feel something, manifestation happening fast and furious
  • Reduce time spent on the computer, minimise attention on the dark stuff
  • Time is like a torus, a spiral that feeds into itself
  • Once The Event hits, healing ~ including for traumas ~ will occur for people
  • "Have fun, it's going to be all OK."

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