02 May 2018

Bridging the Gap (Unification of Polarity): Beltane to Summer Solstice 2018 ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 30 April 2018

What do the Cabal fear the most? "Unification of the people with the strongest voices....those that are activated." Magenta Pixie talks about the need for Lightworkers and Truthers to come together, which is beginning to take place now. She also says that in the higher dimensions, the dark's reign has already come to an end, and they know it. We are only just seeing this starting to manifest here in the physical realm.

Please access the video here.

Description given:
Magenta Pixie analyses one aspect of the Ruby Krystal Alchemy regarding the unification of Lightworkers and Truthers and the potential fallout this unification will have on service-to-self structures in 3D.

Referenced in this video, Magenta Pixie's transmission "Pink Full Moon into Beltane, Ruby Krystal Alchemy: April 29th - May 5th 2018"

From Magenta's fb page:
With the Ruby Krystal code balancing alignment into Emerald Krystal code we have the Ruby/Emerald merge - divine marriage that is the Sophia/Kryst alliance. This is a merging of sacred masculine (Matter/3D) and divine feminine (anti-matter/5D) creating the match within the 3D reality of alchemical divine marriage between (truther/warrior/exposing the illusion/destroyer/system buster) and (lightworker/channel/healer/priestess/muse)

What does this look like in physical terms? Truther and starseed communities coming together, realising they are 'on the same side' and working towards the same goals.

On the ground we have the truthers and in the clouds we have the starseeds. Separated. Twin Flames waiting to unite. The 'daughters of the Flame' (daughters of the Phoenix Rising) will bridge the gap between truther/starseed communities as these 'daughters' will be ambassadors for each community having been intensively trained as a communicator for 'both camps' as it were.

This divine marriage (Ruby/Emerald, Sophia/Kryst, Truther/Starseed) will be the end of the service-to-self 'Cabal/illuminati' why? Because their biggest fear shall be realised. What is that? 

UNIFICATION of the people with the 'strongest voices' those that are ACTIVATED.


This is what alchemy looks like. This is the TWIN FLAME <3 

Blessings to all, Implosion not Explosion - So be it, it is done HAPPY BELTANE my beloved family of light. 

Magenta Pixie xxx

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