18 May 2018

Celia Fenn Update ~ 17 May 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

So....the adventure continues.

I had an experience recently that falls into the category of weird stuff down the rabbit hole, but may also be evidence of the shifting of dimensions on Earth right now.
I was in my hairdresser, so there were people around me. I suddenly started feeling very dizzy and ungrounded, and I looked out the window and saw that everything seemed brighter and lighter and more intense, like going from ordinary to HD viewing. The light seemed very bright and intense. I looked to see if anyone else was perceiving this, but it seemed not.

I have experienced this before in 2008 when Earth first started dipping into higher dimensions. I was living in a different place then, but I remember the sky was almost cobalt blue and the trees and grass were an intense green.

So my question would be.....is this an "exterior" things on the Earth grids that you can only see if you are "equipped" with an awakened light body and perceptions, or is it an "inner" thing that you see when your perception reaches a certain frequency? Or is it a combination of both?

It lasted about 2 hours and then returned to "normal".

I feel that the Earth is reaching into the Higher Frequencies and taking us with her. Soon, we will be able to stay there longer, as our physical bodies adjust and the Earth sustains these higher frequencies for longer periods.

What an adventure!

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