21 May 2018

Clarification on Crystal Implant Removal Technique

This refers to Part 1 of my personal notes of the Taiwan Ascension Conference (here).

During the Conference, Cobra said that the Crystal Implant Removal Technique was taught at a previous conference. He then asked for someone who had attended to volunteer and explain the technique to the current Conference attendees. Someone did offer, and went through the technique, which I had included in the notes.

This person has just written via comment to clarify that he should have said to visualise 17 instead of 14 points, to include the 3 points representing the 3 main implants (two at the frontal lobe and one above navel).

While I have edited my notes to reflect the change, I will also offer my view ~ I don't look at it as a crucial oversight. If it was, Cobra would have corrected what was said. I see the technique as removing implants, and that includes other implants apart from the three main ones. So there's no need to include visualisation of the three additional points.

My opinion only, of course :)

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