18 May 2018

"Considerable Update" from Rick Jewers ~ 16 May 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

Divine Order of a Higher influence is Now in place upon this planet.

The term planet may be used whereas Gaia has Ascended to 5D and these present "planet scenarios" that are running with the timelines, are merely placebos of Gaia. From these placebos are the bridges to the full Sentient Gaia currently residing in 5D, these bridges are TRANSITIONAL TIMELINE BRANCHES.

Whereas many of You Now are fully aware of Your multidimensional abilities, You Know that You visit the 5D Timelines, at least periodically. One important reason why You have not yet sustained a 5D existence is because of Your work to assist others to at least get to the bridge.

You CAN permanently cross the bridge Yourself at any time upon completing Your Divine Work here and when it is time to leave the lower timelines behind, in accordance with the Divine Plan/Ascension.

Your individual Ascension IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN ASSURED.

It is the timing of that that has not been delivered to You and WILL not, for very good reasons at this time, of which one reason is; that if YOU KNEW the exact time and date, IT DIRECTLY INFLUENCES EVERYTHING YOU DO AND INTERACT WITH ON THESE LOWER TIMELINES, that in turn equates into a change that will not be in line with the overall Ascension of Humanity and Timelines. Some Souls MUST NOT know certain TRUTHS while having their Human experiences, for it is in part, written in their Soul Contracts. In the blink of an eye, lower timelines can and will fall away for You, as You Ascend higher, where things and Souls are different than the "old".

The current Divine Order is a powerful refined stream of energy that AFFECTS to higher degrees, ALL PLANETARY EVENTS. This Divine Order delivers the justice and separates the past intentional malevolent intent from the New Timelines, and of course, not limited to. The Divine Order has accommodated the required energy/frequency to allow for more Divine Groups of You to converge, to join, to UNITE, this further strengthens the current Divine Presence upon the planet, the Leagues..... This is currently being reflected into the current realities Your are witnessing, one confirmation being, the rapid implosion of the selfish societal system that was intentionally constructed to enslave, pillage, povertize and suppress, to name a few of the ill intents.

Each One of You is attached to this DIVINE Order Energy to some degree at present. Your feedback from this Divine Order Energetic Stream will in the least be Known to You through certain impulses to open portals, activate energies, go to new locations,; etc.

More profound connections WILL have You receiving HIGHER messages, innerstanding and the compilation of respective thoughts. This procedure integrates MORE of the NEW KNOWLEDGE of which most is to be openly shared, with Higher degrees being TELEPATHICALLY TRANSMITTED TO THE COLLECTIVES.

The plural of "COLLECTIVES" is currently used here because of Divine Groups Uniting UNDER THE UMBRELLA of the overall Divine Collective, but with varying purposes at this time. This is done in this manner as to alleviate confusion and allow certain groups to rapidly grow and integrate the particular Knowledge for them at this time and not be distracted by something that is NOT for them, also at this time. Ultimately, ALL GROUPS CONVERGE AND UNITE AS ONE.

There is to be no hesitating nor questioning what You receive as instructions for Your missions/purposes, when receiving "telepathic" messages. When You hesitate, it prolongs and hinders Your more refined path on the higher timelines. A distinct and most favorable destined path is set before You, when/if You waver, lesser things are Created to fill the gaps of time and space You have Created by hesitation. You wish to go Home, shorten Your paths do not prolong by uncertainty or less TRUST, You have SEEN enough.

The leaders of the planet in the upper 4D Timelines and branches to 5D ARE ONLY TEMPORARY. Upon FULL implementation of Divine Order on the 5D Timelines, comes a Council of 12 for Gaia, replacing ALL current leaders.

All Countries will NO LONGER be as ALL IMAGINARY BORDERS COME DOWN. For present leaders to Ascend and remain on Your higher timelines, they MUST change to an ALL INCLUSIVE OF HUMANITY, and drop separation instruments such as borders, wealth disparity, war, anything that does NOT FAVORABLE SUPPORT ALL.

The SAVAGERY of the past has ended and HUMANITY WILL BECOME CIVILIZED, AS ONE. This "CIVILIZING" is in preparation for very near future interactions with Other Intelligent life forms of the Multiverses.

However, this does NOT mean that MASS LANDINGS will NOT occur, if necessary to expedite the full transition to 5D. All planetary leaders are NOW puppets of the Divine and they DO COMPLY on 5D TIMELINES. If You witness otherwise, remember that You ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL and that two apocalyptic 4D Timelines remain in place for further certain Soul experiences.

You ARE NOT restricted to ONE TIMELINE and Your "Mandela Effect" IS a trusted clue that this is so. Do not have a concern nor fear for YOUR families or friends, for like You, there is more than One of them, on different timelines, and where YOUR ASCENSION is assured, they will be on Your Higher timelines as well, and as slightly higher different versions.

Death was only a perception put in place to secure a veil for Humanity from the TRUTH and to secure their Human experience as per their Soul Contract. You NEVER DIE and merely Ascend Timelines. Suicide does NOT work and does NOT Ascend You, it will keep You in a loop with the veil intact, and on lower timelines until Your Soul innerstands they true way out. Simply because it is a selfish act and also a violent one with ill intent. Good intent is Divinely supported and assists with Your Ascension. TRUST, BELIEVE, AND YOU WILL SEE.

Love and Light

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