06 May 2018

Cosmic Disclosure: Programming Human-Alien Hybrids ~ Season 10, Episode 11 ~ Emery Smith

For those who didn't get to watch this episode, here is the transcript, thanks to Sphere Being Alliance.

Emery Smith reveals more of the dark deeds and intentions of the SSP in this episode. We need more whistleblowers like him to come out and spread such information far and wide so increasing numbers of people will get to the stage where they are either so angry or horrified that they will start to awaken and take action.

This part, towards the end, is encouraging. It's good that Emery brought it up because this aspect of the hidden Truths needs to start seeping out and reaching more people outside of Lightworker communities:
And there's many civilizations all around the universe that started the same time we did. And they're so far beyond us because they were not held back from free energy and anti-gravity and were not puppeteered.
And there's going to be a huge meeting soon with the Galactic Federation. And they will take five leaders from this planet. And they will tell and bring them to this galactic court and say, “Why did you do this?”

And they're going to say – these world leaders - “What are you talking about? We didn't do anything.”

And then in the back behind them is a giant screen projecting everything they know to the Galactic Federation. And they are telling the truth.

And then they will see that the 300 major corporations are responsible for the world's leaders and all the stuff they've done to all the people of Earth.

So they will come back and grab them.
Please read the transcript of this Cosmic Disclosure episode at Sphere Being Alliance.

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