19 May 2018

Destructive Factions ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 18 May 2015

Source: Galactic Historian

The time of the shift has come and gone. It is now with in our own grasp to make it stick.
Coming together means setting aside difference more than the usual ways.

Teachers, thinkers and healers will have to learn there are many systems to this world. There is no single belief system that can operate here on earth. It is counter to everything that is unity. That is the big lie in domination and control. We believe our belief system until we change the very nature of our belief systems.

If one can not adapt to the new world then the old world will welcome you with open arms of domination and control. Freewill co-creative procreative beings admire the use of all systems to enhance the experiential nature of our reality.

We are at a time in human consciousness development where factions are more potent and destructive than disunity … factions are our own disunity creations that have been subtly manipulated over many generations. Factions have been passed down from generation to generation. This passing down of disunity wisdom is the nature of domination and control.

Take no sides and we all win the hierarchical order game.
-Andrew Bartzis

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