24 May 2018

Diamond Rainbow 2222 Codes ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 23 May 2018

Diamond Rainbow Cosmic LightBody Blast 2222 Code and more. Powerful upgrades all day....
Embrace Embrace Embrace!

From Lisa, above.

From me, on 21 May 2018:
Also, Judy Satori has reminded us that the dimensions of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 220 metres. She has also told us that there are 22 Galaxies making up the diamond-shaped cluster of our Super Galaxy (where the Great Central Sun is increasingly beaming Cosmic Reset energies to our Galactic Central Sun, which in turn is busy transmitting them to our Sun, and thus, our Solar System).

I just discovered that the location of the pyramid complex, Visoko, is 22 miles from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia!

Then, there's this, as discovered by Dr Sam:
Shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun form the parallel “pyramid” next to the Bosnian pyramid of the Moon on a day of summer solstice (June 22), extremely important day for the ancient people.
Finally, sources such as Alex Collier have told us about the 22 Star Races that have been involved in Human history, we are the sum total of these 22 Races.

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