22 May 2018

Environmental Awareness ~ Andrew Bartzis

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Most people are going to come through the great forgetting of sleep, and it’s like a larger part of themselves wakes up. People who have gone through the awakening process know what this is, but this is a secondary awakening. It’s like when you get your second wind on a hard work day, but you get this when you start waking up every morning, where you’re able to alchemize a lot more of the infinite energy into instantaneous moment to moment co-creative energy. It’s having the turbo charge to fully function on all the dimensions and time streams, or to have that moment of lucid dreaming where you can begin to learn the language of it.

Environmental awareness is one of those things that people must practice, that is hard for people to sit there in their room and listen to all the creaks and the neighbors next door, or those that have to put music on, you must find that inner space and trust to let down the guard, that the reality’s judging you or sending something at you, and that your egg of protection says “The outside world for this moment doesn’t exist,” just as a kid. Adults know how to do this, sometimes they’re grumpy and it takes them a long time to do it, but if you don’t you’re still stuck in the adult mind not allowing the innocent co-creation, which is the dream world, free, no limitations. 

The adult has so many limitations, and when we return our self to a much more innocent perspective in this zone of protection that nothing can get to us, we are allowing our natural personality and expression to come forward, so that those soul family reunions that we want are allowed in our environment, that our heart actually allows the visitation experience.

Environmental awareness. Clear your room. Clean up the dense energies. How do you find dense energies? Put your hands over your room. Feel it. There are things that you have in your room, like bills, that shouldn’t be in the room when you’re doing that. That’s honoring yourself because when your imaging something in your mind which might sense behind your head that those bills are still nagging there, so you clear the room. Clear the room of the garbage and the junk, the spiritual junk. You also don’t need a whole bunch of crystals in there. You just need the trust of yourself.

For those that want to do contract revocations, that works too. Find a ceremonial expression. Use the four elements to your advantage. When you’re setting up a room that you’re trying to make deeper dream rooms, where you’re going in there to make sure you’re having your dreams. What does that take for you to create in your own environment? That’s the big thing that everyone’s facing. What does it take for you to create that sense of safety, to let down, like a kid at your grandmother’s house, so that when you awaken you’re ready to play?

“You just need the trust of yourself.”
- Andrew Bartzis

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