07 May 2018

No Turn Around ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 6 May 2018

Great tonic to start my week (it's Monday morning for me). We've gone past the point of no return and the benevolent genie's not ever going back into the bottle. Now we just keep on keeping on....

Source: Laura Eisenhower

So the Secret Space Program - which relied on secrecy for power, is no longer secret.

Of course they are not prepared for this, especially since we aren't allowing controlled Disclosure. So we sit on the social media sites as endless articles circulate, busting their crimes left and right, making fun of their facades, claiming sovereignty and empowering our expansion into Higher Earth energies.

We talk about the balance of the M/F and see huge attempts for healing between the genders and we honor the Earth.

Many exercise discernment and are learning to fall more back on themselves and their intuition.

The hidden control forces rely on us like a flashlight relies on a battery, cause we are an inexhaustible flame that runs on Spirit. We have been the fuel behind their power. Taking our power back now can't be stopped.

It is now up to our creative intentions and focus to lead the way, while the rest is looking more and more like debris of an old paradigm, with the mask ripped right off the faces of individuals and groups working for dark agendas.

You can't put a lid on a volcano once its blowing, there is no way to turn around this momentum and flow. We can't let the residual trauma and wounding cause us to think that we don't fully got this ~ we just need to face it and allow the unconditional Love of the Universe to transform it! DNA activate!

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