04 May 2018

Intuition & Synchronicity are on the Rise ~ Lee Harris ~ 4 May 2018

Source: Lee Harris

Intuition and synchronicity are on the rise. You might notice your story playing out around you in your life all of the time.

For example, you have a thought about somebody and a few hours later you see them, or you see a photograph of them or a message from them. There is a thread of connection that we are all in, it is one web that we live in as far as energy is concerned.

The way we have been conditioned is to believe we are separate and aren’t connected to each other when we are.

The more you open your third eye, your heart, your soul to that truth the more you will start to see evidence of that all around you.

If synchronicity is up in a big way for you right now, this is the time to manifest. It is a good time to see that you can direct the way things are going to go.

Recognizing, I can get in the driver’s seat a little bit more and I can create for myself, I can create for the world, I can create my next step.

-From my May 2018 Energy Update

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