30 May 2018

Judy Satori on You Wealth Revolution ~ Q&A: An Ancient Legacy Revealed: Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids ~ 29 May 2018

Judy Satori is back with another session, centering around the 11 days she spent (2 hours each day) in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, comprising the Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Dragon and Love.

If you would like to listen to the replay but didn't sign up for it, here's a hint. Search using the keywords "you wealth revolution replay" and you'll be able to access Judy's interview. I can't post the link here for obvious reasons :)

Apart from Light Language transmissions, Judy also reveals some information pertaining to the Pyramids:
'5' stands for transformation. These 5 pyramids are precisely aligned to create a cohesive balance for all the energies coming through the area. The 28 kH ultrasound beam (going up through the Pyramid of the Sun) is creating an oscillation that bounces of the motherlode Crystal that was placed in the centre of the pyramid by the creators about 30,000 years ago, during the Winter of the Autumn cycle of the Great Ages. (We are now leaving the Winter of the Winter cycle ~ the darkest of the dark ~ and entering the Golden Age.) 
We have been going through a Descension which began 26,000 years ago, and now we are in the Ascension Cycle. This complex was built to help the Planet and Humanity energetically during this time of Ascension. This Ascension Cycle is .unique ~ it is the reclamation of the Planet to her state when she was Tara (in a higher dimension, in Harmonic Universe 2, 4D-6D). 
This day ~ the World Invocation Day ~ marks the true nature of the Bosnian Pyramids. The Pyramid of the Sun is like the Divine Generator of energies, while the Pyramid of the Moon is the Receiver (Feminine aspect). The Pyramid of the Dragon is the synthesizer, creating the balance. These energies will impact the Planet and all of Humanity.

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