16 May 2018

Kryon 2018 May: Urgent Message ~ 5 May 2018

"This is the Finale." Kryon speaks of the unfolding of great things to come, a time of elevated consciousness, and an ascended Planet. However, Kryon cautions "patience" ~ two steps forward and one step back.

I acknowledge that this isn't the sort of message we would like to hear, that this is going to be a long drawn-out process. Please just take what you need from this, or not :)  At any rate, there will not be anything "new" in this Kryon message for many of you. It's just good to hear Kryon talk about other ET Races and what's up ahead, and going Galactic by using the term "Galactic Lightworkers". And oh, talking about the dark forces attacking the Light...! which if I remember correctly, was something Kryon didn't really want to acknowledge before.

I'm still not too clear to which part the "urgent message" refers, because I haven't been consistently following Kryon's messages for some time. I would guess that it's the beginning of massive change occurring soon?

Please listen here.


  1. Positive, consoling and encouraging, above all. I like that tandem of Kryon through Lee.

    1. And I appreciate that Kryon is not avoiding the Black Monster in the Room.... :D