16 May 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 15 May 2018

Note: Please know that when I have titles like "So-and-so Update" it doesn't mean I post everything they write. I only post whatever I feel is relevant or important to share.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I am not waiting for an Event (never was).

Yes, I am all about Ascension, but it is a slow blossoming of human Consciousness -- latent and dormant potentials (in our DNA) coming to Life! I am just going to accept that I am here in the Now, with the crazy stuff, the stuff we keep praying would lift and transform, disappear or transmute --- as we are continually being made aware of the creepy hooligans and their parasitic ways, and with that, just feeling determined to find some kind of freedom from the anger or frustration.

Our reaction to it may change , our vibration within it may too (already is and always has), our visions may also transcend its confinemental type programmings -- but it will still exist on some level.

So my Event is accepting being here in the Now, in this koo koo human realm where I roll my eyes more than I smile some days, but feel comforted in the fact that I laugh super hard more than I feel doom and gloom and I never lose faith in where I know we are heading. Now I am going to be more NOW about it.

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