21 May 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 20 May 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Passive aggression, manipulation, emotional blackmail, guilt trips, projections, silent treatment, anger and blame - are the lowest forms of human communication. It means one is so afraid of being vulnerable, genuine and speaking from their heart and inner truth, that they would rather resort to harming self and others.

Misery loves company, but misery really wants Love. Some get so addicted to misery and game playing, that they don't care for transformation and real healing and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Cracking through this veil, cracks through the lower density of this human experience and gives us access to our Higher mind, higher dimensions and our galactic nature. Higher Consciousness does not resort to these lower energies - sharing Love and being Love is what makes one powerful -- not trying to have power over others to bandaid the real issue.

Many have pasts filled with times they attempted to be their true self and it resulted in ridicule or got undermined - which is why we need to bust through those wounds and not let them sabotage our lives anymore. So many carry their gifts and abilities as a curse, because they feel different and they lacked validation for them. Its time to move through this and not allow it to fester, this is where we let the dark forces win.

Take the risk of fully being aligned with your higher self and allow it to enlighten Ego -- let whatever doesn't resonate, fall away if it can't handle it. Let the Spirit warrior release the bonds of the lower Ego and love yourself enough to create Love and harmony. This helps to purify and heal the World.

(something I wrote in 2014)


Nature Royalty we all can be.

Many of us remember life times of being a vessel for the Mother Earth to express herself through and we still are doing this, and it’s Sacred M/F. It’s not about power for self or greed, it’s about allowing divinity to flow and being aware of the riches and abundance that lives in the Natural World.

This other royalty opposes our true nature and has stolen so many life forces to claim Royalty, when in actual fact, those that honor Mother Earth are the real Royalty on the planet.

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