28 May 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 27 May 2018

Insights from Laura Eisenhower.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The past we learn from in order to evolve -- how we used to do something, is not how we need to approach it now.

The negative games being played amongst each other is maturing in the World, most especially between the sexes and misuses of power. Everyone moves at the speed of their own Soul development and our way isn't better nor is theirs.

We can inspire and encourage one another though, as we are all on a healing journey, working through very similar things, whether that be difficult child-hoods, feeling victimized, misunderstood, perhaps it is something physical or something related to loss and grief. We are not each others rulers and controllers and the ones that have tried that with us, can't stop the transformations that are occurring.

We are each others allies and friends, here to have each others backs. It is worth taking the time to smooth things out or clarify when things get confusing or when we get triggered. I have been inbetween Worlds all day long!


When we let go of carrying the burden of other peoples mistakes, attacks, ignorance or projections, in regards to how they treat us -- we make more room for ourselves to be present and grounded ~

The lesson they might need to learn is sent back, as you send the energy home to where it originated -- but because it is mixed with your strength, it might come with a valuable message for them, that Nature will help them to receive.

Maybe they won't be able to hear it, and that is okay. We also become all the wiser and closer to our own internal Truth. When our Truth is not fully seen in us, we feel it and know it, it reinforces it as well ~ so why be on the hurting end then?

If we hold on to the burden and we take it too personally, we feel off, hurt and out of wack, while they walk away with a piece of you. You send their negative energy or distortion back, you get YOU back from them in return.

We need to do the same thing with global energies. Just say it out loud -- Return to Sender.

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