29 May 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

It’s amazing to witness such a profound healing between the sexes and accountability finally happening. It’s at the very early stages though. It will take a bit to manage it all, so that it’s truly fair and the other side has a chance to defend themselves.

I connect with this more than politics cause it’s the root of our issues as a humanity.

Women have served jail time for fake accusations in the past, proven cases that it was a set up - most cases have multiple claims though which means it’s much more likely to have occurred, also having obvious proof or confessions. Women are also hardly accused of harassment when they come on to a man who isn’t interested and they can get away with more — they also aren’t feared or intimidating cause they aren’t built as physically strong for the most part. 

I am Libra / Scorpio- I gravitate to this kind of stuff since it’s all about love, balance and intimacy. My whole mission is about this healing of M and F that is underway. It’s all our Soul calling cause we need this - we aren’t healthy otherwise. 

It sure seems like this massive warning to this kind of behavior is very loud and clear! I think it’s all unfolding just fine , I just can see some fine tuning so that it doesn’t create more damage. When we figure it out as a humanity, how to drop victim/ predator, no Negative Alien agenda will stand a chance. This is the work that is required as uncomfortable as it may get!


When we have physical wounds, people see them and they are extra sensitive and kind -- like, hey I see your arm is in a cast, can I carry that for you? Hey let me sign your cast, I am also happy to drive for you... just take it easy! 

Emotional, mental or Spiritual wounds just show in that look on ones face or something you can sense in the Aura and sometimes people aren't so loving and kind, its more like -- whats wrong with you??? It may come off as negative energy, or being scattered -- it may seem a person has lost their light or sense of enlightenment and people may slowly walk away. 

It is rough too when you are an empath and feel all that is happening in others and on the planet and people don't understand it. So, only those who truly love you or can see you, will hold that more sensitive and caring disposition and be compassionate and understanding. 

If you have been blown to pieces by targeting technologies and you are expected to hold a position of strength for others and be somehow immune to attack and abuse -- others may feel let down that you aren't super human or perhaps more protected. There is still much protection, but weapons are weapons and villains are everywhere, dark agendas and mind-control programs -- humans may come in the form of friends or partners and become weaponized and manipulated to target too. 

This is not an era about appearances and facades -- we are walking out of this muck together, arm in arm, learning what Unity and being a global family really means. This builds more of a force field of protection we all need. What else could be more Oneness than that! 

It is not sameness or losing ourselves to each other, its mutual love and respect and diversity in harmony, with some good transparency, so that we can be our authentic self.

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