06 May 2018

Laura EisenhowerUpdates ~ 5 May ~ 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Downloading energies does effect respiration. It needs to be grounded and integrated, but the speed at which it moves is different from what physical density may be able to accept.

IF a person isn't integrating it -- accept the rapid fire transmission, eventually we will all shove it into the Soil -- we have done so many times and the New World is already showing itself -- in the face of this progress that we may find ourselves doubting.

Lets allow Ebb and Flow until the necessity ceases.


Hell is an un-alchemized state of mind. A death journey that is resisting the re-birth. The re-birth joins the infinite Creator flow and is a part of Ascension.

It can take many personal Deaths, to unveil the depth and beauty that exists within our Soul. It can take many Deaths of our belief systems, to be able to reach the Truth and pure Light. But when we do, we are able to exist in the most genuine, authentic and divine way - connected with Source energy, the Mother womb and a path of protection, love and abundance where we are a restored Tree of Life. The Electromagnetic Spectrum Rainbow Consciousness ~ Diamond Heart.

Sometimes the feeling of impending Death is far too powerful and intimidating for many to want to venture into, it is a fear similar to that of physical death, because it is the relinquishing of control and the allowing of something Greater than ourselves to step in.

We can die many times and maintain the physical body, but we need that life line of wisdom and an epiphany to initiate us into the next level of our experience and the next level of our Multi-dimensional body. We may fear the pain, the suffering and the unknown and feel caught in its grips, as old imprints and traumas resurface. If we are willing to face this and work on it, the organic inner light will spark and show us the way.

This happens even if we lose the physical body, as the bigger picture of our journey is a much larger body than the flesh, but while we are in the flesh, we can do all we can to hold mastery over death, but also know that the choice to die isn't less than at all, its a Soul who has chosen a new experience, to either keep shedding layers or to shine as a bright star and guide for others.

(deep thoughts)

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