30 May 2018

Magenta Pixie Update ~ 30 May 2018

I usually avoid posting messages from any source that comments, judges or criticises another source. However, this one from Magenta Pixie I will post because I find that it's beneficial to a large degree. I have listened to a bit of that particular message to which Magenta is referring. I couldn't continue listening to the rest because....I just couldn't.

Although I'm posting this from Magenta Pixie, I must also point out that this does not mean that I don't believe there's any threat ~ that would just be too naive or delusional. As Magenta advises, invoke your protection protocols; I know only too well what many of us have gone through, especially this year.

Discernment filter turned on, please, even with this message.

Source: Magenta Pixie

'Channelled message' going round saying "Urgent, immediate threat to all Lightworkers and their families".

Within the full message there is some truth, much metaphor and much misinterpretation of information/code. It holds a 'mixed vibration.' I rarely comment on other channelled material but if something is detrimental in any way to others then I will comment. NOTHING is "urgent" so please have strong, fine tuned discernment when reading anything of this nature. There is no "immediate threat" to Lightworkers and their families. This is a misinterpretation of the service to self energy.

Remain within your sovereignty, using whatever shielding or immunity techniques you use. Starseeds and Lightworkers are on track and doing very well! Many lessons in discernment coming in from multiple levels. You have the tools with which to discern. The words "urgent" "warning" or "threat" are a big red flag in any channelling but that does not mean there isn't truth in the message somewhere. Those with 'eyes to see' will see.

Relax, peace, unity, zero point, compassion are the code words for activation. Warning, urgent and threat hold the opposite vibration. Be very discerning when following activations from transmissions that are encrypted with these fear codes.

Love and light to all. Magenta Pixie x x

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