22 May 2018

May 21 through May 26: Gene Key 20 Divine Relaxation ~ Richard Rudd ~ 21 May 2018

Richard Rudd's website is Gene Keys.

"The awareness that emanates from the solar plexus centre is based upon surrender. In this sense it is about tapping a very powerful universal feminine power.

It may come as a shock to some that the power of Self Assurance is based upon surrender rather than assertion. Self Assurance is far more than simple confidence, which can be built up through assertion or technique.

The 20th Gift can only be cultivated through trust, patience and surrender, none of which are techniques. As such, Self Assurance is based upon a philosophy of allowing everything to come to you rather than going out and chasing life down. It is because of this ‘Divine laziness’ that the 20th Gift is the real foundation for inner relaxedness."

- The 20th Gene Key, the Gift of Self Assurance

“The state of Self Assurance is your own greater nature emerging. It is a sign that more consciousness is being allowed to incarnate into the physical vehicle. What is occurring at this Gift level is that you are beginning to experiment with humanity’s future instrument of awareness — the solar plexus system.”

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