23 May 2018

Merging Into Our New Reality ~ Alexandrian Kosmos ~ 20 May 2018

Original (before filter) from MJ's "Cry"
Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

The Calling to each and every Soul on Earth emerged upon us on December 1, 2017 and will not diminish its presence until December 14, 2018, when we will all have decided whether or not we will respond to it.

In the past, our choices and decisions were rarely as direct and succinct as the choice before us – the choice to decide whether or not we are going to merge our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose into Mother Earth’s future within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Although most of humanity has seemingly been within a perpetual cycle of Learning – Learning Love is All Things – throughout their experiences of Mother Earth’s Third/Fourth Dimensions, many will have to decide, once and for all, if they are truly capable of advancing beyond a primordial mode of existence.

To assume that each and every human being on Earth will instantly summon the full content of his or her Heart and Soul beyond the lesson of Love would be a great misunderstanding and an even greater expression of expectation for everyone. Since April 13, 2018 we have all been provided with a period of Time serving to expand our Soul’s Spiritual Growth – to develop our ability to trust, to ascertain Truth with certainty, and to gain confidence with our Heart and Soul’s timely guidance.

Our Soul’s Spiritual Growth period is relatively short, from April 13 to July 9, 2018, but it’s simply that everyone committing their role with Mother Earth will have much to do soon, dear Ones, for we are Merging into a New Reality!

Our Merging into a New Reality is already occurring and will become much more prevalent in our near future with Mother Earth. Most of the experiences we now encounter within our New Reality are commonly occurring in solitude and sometimes, even in some social situations.

We are a great minority within the realm of humanity but with every change and transformation we each achieve towards the expression of the full content of our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose, the more the entire world around us changes and transforms through incremental increases in the presence of the Fifth Dimension’s Light Waves around us!

Mother Earth is now transitioning to reveal the vibrational strength of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension and beginning to facilitate our Merging into a New Reality! We may now feel as if we are acting alone within our isolated locations on Earth, but we are not! Each and every Soul choosing to enable the full content of his or her Soul’s Spiritual Purpose is actually serving to increase and expand the Universe’s Fifth Dimensional Vibrational Frequency on Earth. Our growth and expansion is servicing our Unity Factor – the Unity Factor we now share with every liked hearted human being involved in utilizing Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency!

We will still encounter spaces of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension Vibratory Frequency until December 27, 2018, when Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension extinguishes in potency except in the memories of humanity!

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