28 May 2018

Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing (Online Remote Healing) ~ 28 & 29 May 2018 ~ Taipei 10pm (UTC + 8)

I just found out about this, it's too late now for the first day but we can join in tomorrow, 29 May at 10pm Taipei time (UTC + 8).

Please go to Golden Ages for more details.

To listen in and participate:

10:00p.m. of CST in Taipei (UTC+8)
7:00 am PDT in Los Angeles
9:00 am CDT in Chicago
10:00 am EDT in New York
3:00 pm BST in London
4:00 pm CET in Paris
4:00 pm EET in Cairo
11:00 pm in Japan.

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