04 May 2018

New Earth Frequency Holder ~ Celia Fenn ~ 3 April 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

In this crazy energy as we move towards 5/5 I am finding it so essential to just slow down and find peace....inner and outer!

As we prepare to anchor fully in 5D we just cannot be rushing around at high speed doing the 3D drama thing. 

The higher the frequency, the slower and more peaceful the manifestation in the physical. And conversely, the lower the frequency the more frenetic things are in the physical.

So....we need to stop rushing around and ground ourselves into a stream of beautiful and peaceful higher consciousness as we prepare to make the timeline leap into the New Earth frequencies.

It may feel really strange and you may feel out of synch with people around you, but that is the whole point. We are in a new space and a new frequency.

At the moment 5D Earth and old 3D Earth occupy the same space....but in different frequency dimensions. You have to choose which space you want to occupy in the same space, if that makes sense. You have two options, old earth frequency or New Earth frequency. You may be the only person there in the New Earth space, but that is your mission....to be the Frequency Holder for the New Earth.

Peace, Joy and Harmony fellow New Earth travellers.

We are home.....

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