18 May 2018

New Earth Now: Experiencing the Creator State ~ Sandra Walter ~ 16 May 2018

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

All of us are being influenced by the Primary Timelines, which were collectively activated last year. The veil-lifting effects exposes us to a new level of Unity consciousness, which we engage with by our free-will choice. Solar and Cosmic Gateways continue to bombard us with activations and purer levels of light. The surreal sensation of departing from one reality and engaging with another is quite palpable. Magnetic shifts continue to destabilize the old realities, which reveals what must be surrendered for the New Earth experience to override the collective reality.

While many experience the overlay of the Gaia 5D/7D/9D creation, the crystalline Gateways to that reality are accessed through collective empowerment. HUmans aligned with a pure expression of HU (God/Source) expressing as Unconditional Love and Divine Service are creating the crystalline bridges to New Earth.

We have received this for years; Activation of Christ consciousness within opens the pathways to the new experience. Embodiment first. In this powerful year of consciousness-shifting, dimensional-shifting dynamics, we are overriding the waiting game programs which have plagued Lightworkers for decades. In brief, if you feel like you’re in a loop, you can choose to override those lower timeline loops by moving into Unity consciousness and co-creative empowerment right now
There is nothing here but love, there is nothing here but Now. Everything else is distortion or illusion for our education and growth. When we work with these evolutionary energies, rather than waiting for them to change everything, we accelerate our personal and collective Ascension. We choose to explore these new levels of love, creativity, and service rather than separation, fear and survival.
There is a unique shift occurring this year; the flotsam of the last 5 years is revealing what already occurred in 2012. We utilized the grace period, awakening as many Souls as possible. Yes, this year has its challenges; the magnetic shifts can make us feel like we are coming apart at the seams. They also reveal tremendous bliss and freedom. Both experiences are reflections of what is happening with Gaia (quakes, weather, storms, etc.) and our Solar system (solar wind, flashing, magnetic shifts). We are not victims of these energies, we become pure conduits of them.

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