02 May 2018

Our True Divine Inheritance ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 13 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Unity Consiousness expands us and helps us to retrieve our lost pieces, which awakens dormant DNA. For some reason the lower Creator Gods and Pantheon Dramas, have caused us to live in confusion and at times emulate something that doesn’t feel like our Truth. Diagnosis, projections, false authority, disease, separation, war and injury, is a symptom of imbalance that can be worked on from within.

The symptoms show up as a road map that we get to decide how we are gonna navigate with. If we are receptive enough, we will create the necessary corrections, if we choose the programming and distortions, we digress.

Good and not so good experiences are simply the way in which we find our true treasures, and eventually integrate higher and lower self ~ knowing that was the wise voice of reason. The treasure from beyond wishing us to be it, our true divine inheritance.

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