28 May 2018

Return of Divine Femnine & Decree of Self-Empowerment ~ Tim Whild ~ 27 May 2018

I acknowledge that this is a different perspective from the one I have regarding karma and Source, but that doesn't diminish the intention the message or the power of the decree.

Source: Tim Whild

When the continent of Atlantis sank it was due to a prominent string of events that played out under the guidance of the Intergalactic Council. For 1500 years in the Golden Era the Atlanteans lived a life of peace, love and unity. They walked amongst each other with honour and integrity, they loved the land, the animals, the trees and most importantly they loved themselves. The energy that presided over this society was a perfect balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Atlantis (and all humanity) was deliberately handed over to ego. Source wished to document the reaction of third-dimensional humans when they were disconnected from their hearts (love) and began living from a place of limitation. Their twelve chakras were reduced to seven and the ten-thousand year period of disconnection began.

During this time the role of the Divine Feminine became subservient. Women globally were forced to bow down in all aspects of society, fearing the very act of speaking out due to the retribution of the third-dimensional ‘warrior’ energy that was prevalent everywhere. This energy has formed societies, structural roles and inadvertently programmed sacral chakras globally for hundreds of generations.

In order for the ascension process to move forward men need to forgive themselves and they need to be forgiven. Every soul that participated in these lifetimes agreed to the circumstances in which they lived, and we learn from every experience we encounter here on Earth. No-one is to ‘blame’ and Earth is one of the most challenging schools in the Universe to make spiritual progress.

Since the Cosmic Moment in 2012 our planet has been deluged with Divine Feminine energy to balance the scales. The ego energy is being replaced with heart-based love and a mass awakening is taking place which has forced all of the stored energies, emotions and blueprints to the surface. These all need to be acknowledged, balanced and released.

This decree is for anyone who feels and honours the balance of energy that is returning to pave the way for the Golden Age. No more standing in the shadows, no more guilt for past events, no more victims of ‘chastising’ for hurts that exist in another dimension. Together we rise is unity.

Decree – spoken out loud and with authority!

‘’ In the name of Source and under The Law of Grace -
I (name) stand tall in the Light and forgive myself for past events.
I am a Divine soul with eternal power, light and a mission to change the world.
I swear to use my power for the betterment of Humankind and for the evolution of planet Earth.
I promise to honour all life on Earth.
I will love myself and all those around me.
I swear to defend those that cannot defend themselves.
I now release the chains placed upon me by the confines of the third dimension.
I AM a Warrior of the Light.’’

(Repeat 3 times)

‘’As Within So Without
As Above So Below.’’

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