11 May 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 10 May 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

With each rapidly passing day here, MORE AND MORE, are beginning to see THEIR ships and their INTERDIMENSIONAL FAMILIES and COMRADES. You are strongly encouraged to KEEP bringing Your ships closer to You here, from other times and dimensions. Be persistent in requesting that You see them, up close.

For those that have accomplished this thus far, continue, and do not stop. During the process of bringing Your ships closer, You are also enhancing and enlarging Your Portal and its rippling effect upon Your present surroundings, then rippling out into the fabrics of Your Temporary Reality. Temporary is said because it does not stop there, You keep rapidly progressing and more intensely affecting the timelines.

It is strongly encouraged and advised to begin more earnestly at garnering witnesses when Your ships appear. By this type of credibility being established into the 4D Timelines by less advanced Souls, You assist them and the Masses as a whole. This effect corrects all of the disbelief in the ET area and brings it forth for others to be fully followed into the 5D.

LANDINGS ARE IMMINENT and still is partially timed by vibration. You must remember that certain energetic conditions are what allow for YOUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL PROJECTIONS to be seen in these lower dimensions. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for bringing YOUR SHIPS into this NOW.

Through the basic and regular forms of upgrading the Human body, MANY NOW have their eyesight tuned to INTERDIMENSIONAL ABILITY. This means that even if someone is "not Awake" they can very easily see the ships and more at this time. The energy required to do this latest ability was administered to ALL a few days ago, this RIPENS YOUR FIELD for FURTHER WITNESS.

Love and Light

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