23 May 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 22 May 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

A few hours ago, an intense upgrading to the Masculine began.

This upgrading is currently being administered through an extensive influx of Light from the sun and will continue for a minimum of 2 days. As a result of this very intense upgrading, some Masculine WILL be skipping some steps in their development and WILL be placed in much higher areas of perception/perspective individually. This specific "skipping steps" has the intent and purpose to bring the Masculine further up to speed and allow for yet, even more of the Feminine advancing forward, in their Divine Gifts and Power. ( the word "power" is used here to more readily indicate the act of utilizing the Divine Gifts and putting them to work, rather than be in a dormant state of containing "prowess" and not practicing that Prowess. For Your Gifts to grow and develop in strength, they must be practiced to appreciate the dynamic functions of each Gift and its Divine applications.)

The current Masculine upgrading may be very uncomfortable for some at this time and they may require space during the incubation period, lasting between a few hours for some and a few days for Others. The Feminine will go through this quickened Masculine upgrade relatively unscathed internally but may be witness to outside side effects. Because of this Masculine upgrade, the Feminine WILL experience a strengthening and a rise in vibration/consciousness during and remaining, after the upgrades are complete. This is so because of the planetary frequency rise which more aligns and brings ALL closer to the desired 5D Timelines. You asked for it, You got it (exact message from Council). ;)

Of perhaps great interest to the geneticists out there, past DNA printouts of a Masculine that has gone through this current upgrade will CLEARLY show the transition into their DNA and if a new DNA sample is taken, the old sample and the new sample WILL NOT MATCH, and will read as two entirely different DNA signatures. The ATTP and GTAP sequences within the RNA have NOW been altered and switched to a more efficient type of receptor/transmitter, with an extra crystalline attachment in the form of a polygon with an antennae/tail. These crystalline features within the DNA signatures of many Now are intact within a large percentage of the Children born in the last 20 years or so and clues may be found there validating that it is so.

As a result of this Masculine Upgrade, ALL THINGS SPEED UP toward a secure 5D, AND CONFIRMATIONS HAVE ALREADY BEGUN.

Love and Light

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