10 May 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 9 May 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

As huge individual transformations are happening for some, Others are stepping into somewhat Higher Levels of their Journey/ Mission. As You see, the Ascension is never stagnant, forever moving forward. Hindering thoughts and beliefs will Individually stagnate, but, not for long, because those that must come forward are given a little boost to do just that. Resistance is truly futile to the Ascension, for the Ascension is an All-encompassing Divine Plan, nothing thwarts this most High Decree.

You are exponentially moving forward, each time You learn a New Higher Way, it empowers You further, and also attracts the next upper levels of Knowledge for You. At these present stages, Your OWN Divine Magic is accessible to You, You just have to earnestly believe that and begin utilizing it, to the benefit of All. You WILL receive Your confirmations of this that it is so, You need not search for the confirmations, for they will begin to arrive in a metaphoric way for some, while Others will just KNOW, dependent upon the level You may be presently at.

Rest assured, it is ALL VERY REAL and each in their OWN time, WILL come to KNOW this. Make no preconceived notions that are actually judgments, against Others or events, to do so, DISEMPOWERS You, and it is, absolutely a self- destruction energy for You to the degree that You have energized it. The Wisest and most Divinely empowered KNOW not to degrade Another, BUT ASSIST.

Of course You have a little free will with Your choices, but being blunt, which serves You better, to disempower and attract negative energies to Oneself (haven,t Each had enough of this insanity), or apply Your Wisdom and perhaps Divine Common Sense and take the opportunity to rise above it, raising Others? You KNOW You are All in this together, WHY NOT assist Your Fallen Comrades instead of pressuring/suppressing them further with Your ego? There is on the upper echelons of Being, a Common Knowledge of the most beneficial and effective ways to compliment this Ascension, would it not be most wise, to fill the bus?

We are at a specific tipping point into more Higher Truths being administered to this REALITY. It is most important for YOU TO KNOW that YOU are seeding the NEW 5D TIMELINES, seed them VERY wisely, there are currently, 2 DISTINCT 5D TIMELINES in place.
Seed them with the purest of intent and thought. You focus these two Creation Powers with WHAT YOU WISH TO SEE AND EXPERIENCE AS A WHOLE, not, that there are things to be corrected or rectified, direct Your Prowess toward the END GOAL.

Love and Light

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