10 May 2018

Seeds of Disclosure, Rabbit Holes and Red Pills ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 9 May 2018

This is something I agree with, and have written about. We cannot just peel off one layer of gunk and then get stuck there with all the dreadful stuff. We need to seek the Bigger Picture. And absolutely....this is a Spiritual Evolution.

Source: Magenta Pixie

Question - I don't understand why you are against disclosure? Surely truth is truth? The truth has been hidden and now it is time for the world to know. How can you think otherwise?

My response - I am not 'against disclosure,' far from it. I am 100% in favour of disclosure and seeing as disclosure is currently already taking place then I cannot be otherwise.

My thoughts regarding disclosure is how it is done, rather than whether it takes place or not.

To understand this however, one needs to understand the reasons behind the negative agenda in the first place. Many of the negative (service-to-self/cabal/deep state/illuminati) are not aware of the reasons themselves. The structure is pyramidical and on a 'need to know' basis. They will have been trained in this and will not push forward for explanations beyond their rank (unless they break their programming.)

Without going into those reasons here, let me just say that part of the negative agenda is to create fear and confusion in the population.

If 'we' (those who are aware of the truth and how deep the rabbit hole goes) disclose everything in one go, this will create fear and confusion in the population and 'we' will have done the deep state's job for them.

This is what they are counting on, of course.

If we want to move forward into a harmonious, peaceful, loving society (and this is the whole point of disclosure, not revenge but peace & harmony through living within truth) then full 100% disclosure in one hit, is NOT the way to go about it.

Each starseed/truther/lightworker/teacher has their role in disclosure. We are the ones bringing about disclosure. The 'mainstream' are aware that disclosure must happen so they bring forth a drip, drip disclosure effect.

When I say 'disclosure' we are talking about ET involvement, free energy and related technology, secret space programs, crimes against humanity, suppression of true knowledge within history, spirituality, science and medicine including cures for terminal illnesses such as cancer.

We each take our place in this by planting seeds that take hold and grow within others. They can then go out and research and discover for themselves.

Truther communities are desperate for public knowledge and for arrests to be made publicly known, immediately with full reasons behind those arrests.

I can understand this desperation and the anger that is felt by those who know the truth.

If you really want to help the disclosure movement, specific to cabal arrests/justice then inform as best as you can with a level head.

Fighting and arguing in online chatrooms, forums and social media platforms is again, playing into the hands of the negative groups. Everytime you get really angry, upset or frustrated and then share these emotions loud and clear with others you are doing the illuminati's job for them and contributing directly to the negative agenda.

There are many levels to disclosure. Many who are calling for disclosure have still a long way to go down that rabbit hole themselves.

Truthers talk about being 'red pilled' which is great. Yes indeed, take that red pill, good on you for doing that. It takes courage to step into the unknown.

The thing is...there are many red pills. Once you have taken one and had a good look at your new reality, then there are many more red pills to take.

Once you get deep enough into the rabbit hole you will realise how important it is for disclosure to 'wake people up' but not totally destroy them at the same time.

It is all very well to say things like 'get the truth out there, people can handle it, they are not babies' or 'people have got to know the truth and if they are shocked, its their own fault for not waking up sooner.'

Whilst I understand this, if you knew the reasons behind the negative agenda you would not want, at any cost, an angry, scared, shocked and confused humanity.

The truth is out there for those who are ready to discover it.

You see if you stop at a certain point in your red pill/rabbit hole journey, you stop at a point where everything is negative without rhyme or reason and it seems hopeless.

Yet if you keep going down that rabbit hole you actually find out that this is much bigger than you ever could of imagined. You also discover that you can do something about it.

YOU can change the situation and make this planet a much better place for your children/grandchildren and those that come after them.

This is the way to disclose. 

Not by saying.....

"Look at how dreadful this planet is. Look at the hell around you and the demons that inhabit this Earth.'

But by saying
"Look at how powerful you are. Look at the ability you have to change your entire reality. Look at the love you have within you, that you can share and make your planet heaven on Earth.'

It is your choice.
I will give you a clue...

This is a spiritual path you must take. You will never understand it without spiritual awareness.

How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

If you are stuck at fear, horror, shock, disgust and confusion then maybe go a little deeper down that rabbit hole, you might just find some fluffy bunnies down there!

It all starts with you.

Magenta Pixie

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