10 May 2018

Sunshine Before The Dawn by Judy Satori ~ Free Ebook

Once again, Judy Satori is generously giving away her ebook version of "Sunshine Before the Dawn" for free. Heartfelt gratitude, Judy 💖

Source: Judy Satori

Hi Everyone,

The soft cover of my book Sunshine Before the Dawn has been sold out. All the ebook versions of the book in English, German, Polish and Japanese are now FREE on my website. Every word of this book was telepathically transmitted to me by beings of light.

These loving, extraterrestrial star beings, contributed an aspect of their own DNA to the creation of a new, more evolved species of human being for Earth. This story has been brought through from Spirit to prepare you for Earth ascension. With Earth’s ascension, the inherent DNA coding within us will be activated. This is both a physical and a consciousness upgrade.

With the new energies coming to the Earth now, it is more important than ever to remember who we are. The day has come. We are the ones from the stars. Sunshine Before the Dawn is our story. The words are coded. Your heart will respond, and you will begin to remember why you are here.

Just follow the link below to the book section of my shop of my website and choose the version you want. You will go through the shopping cart but there is no cost.