21 May 2018

The Evolving Door Within ~ Lee Harris ~ 20 May 2018

You are meeting an evolving door in yourself.
Lee Harris

Source: Lee Harris

There are many of you right now who are about to stand in positions ahead of the crowd. This is your destiny, this is not some heroic job you are doing, this is what you were designed to do.

That is why so many of you have experienced disillusionment, boredom, lack of certainty over what to do in your future. Some of you have done this purely to process your own experience of the crumbling structures of this world, but most of you have done this because it is the truth of your journey.

As your world is meeting a revolving door, so are you meeting an evolving door in yourself. You worked hard to create these identities you have created, so letting them go is not always easy for the human which is designed to accumulate, keep safe, foster.

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