29 May 2018

The Flower Moon ~ Celia Fenn ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

As we move into the energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon, we can feel the fiery and creative and passionate nature of a Fire Moon in Gemini...the Twins. 
This is also the "Flower Moon" of early Summer and we feel too the energies of beauty and new growth side by side with the passionate sacred union of the Inner Twin Flame energies at the doorway to the New Earth. 
What a marvelous and magical time it is, with power and energy and "birthing the new" as the themes for this Full Moon. It is a good time to indulge in a little "Moon Madness" and create a Fire Ceremony to release what is past and call in all your dreams and desires for the New Earth. 
And don't forget to dance around the Fire with the fairies and the elementals and an odd dragon or unicorn or two! Make this a Multi-dimensional and magical Moon to remember!

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