21 May 2018

The Light of the New Dawn ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 20 May 2018

Source: Magenta Pixie

Things are moving very fast right now. The energies are already moving in perfect waves in order to accommodate those who are 'further along' the path if you will and those who are not, in order for the greatest number of souls to move through the ascension process as possible

Patience we must have. The illuminati families have utilised patience as a major tool and we must do the same. If we rush we will burn out. 

The energetic response to your intentional asking of "how much longer? Please hurry the awakening along..." is "we are on it but cannot rush too fast and leave your brothers and sisters behind."

We cannot force people awake....this is not about first contact or a solar shift or one singular 'event' that will change everything in one moment (from the 3D perspective).
This is about ensuring enough memory is carried through this ascension cycle to ensure this particular timeline does not need to keep repeating itself. 

This is why the starseeds incarnated here in the first place. Not everyone needs to be awake 'in mind' but we need enough people to have the correct DNA configuration in order for their memories to remain cohesive when they ascend. Right now the energies are going as fast as they can so they do not lose anybody who has the correct configuration to make the journey. 

Regarding 'The Event' one should say 'events' plural (actually multidimensional) not 'event' singular (3D) 'The Event' is a mistranslation in linear terms of a multidimensional process. 

Magenta Pixie x

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