30 May 2018

The New Earth Now Experience: Online Retreat Replay ~ Sandra Walter ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Creative Evolution (includes video)

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The New Earth Now Experience has been presented live and online. It was done live in Austin, Texas at the Conscious Media Festival, twice in Sedona, Arizona at the Light Tribe Gathering and Cosmic Awakening Conference, and online as a Healing Retreat with Lauren Galey. It is different each time and continues to evolve.

The field of Ascended New Earth is held around each event, and the heart activation is quite strong. In live events the space is in an open Gateway; that vibration is also held in the online event. The video is light-encoded to assist the sensation of unifying with the 144 who were present. Let it be your Now! The expansion is palpable, the vibration is quite high as your heart center expands.

The energies and Primary timelines continue to intensify our Ascension process. Part of our empowerment is unveiling the natural abilities of the HUman as Creator-in-Carnate. Directing our Creator State of consciousness and activated heart centers toward positive co-creation is our birthright. This also ends the waiting game programs and delay tactics of the lower timelines. As the wise ones say; To know and not do is to not know at all. We move forward as One.

As we migrate realities to the Christed timelines, the New Earth Now Experience removes our self-imposed limitations. It activates our greatest strength: Our unified heart-centered intention to be of Divine Service to all. The SUNday Unity Meditation demonstrates the palpable effects of connecting our hearts and intentions. When we experience a co-created level of freedom, operating as we do in the higher realms, we bring the vibration of Crystalline/Christ/Unity consciousness into the denser realities in order to transform them. We apply our mulitidimensional awareness in the Now, and traverse the veils/barriers of dimensional layers. This exercise also teaches us how to feel the highest energy of an idea; the energy signature of a creation.

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