08 May 2018

The One ~ Kamooh & Seth Buoymaster

Source: Kelly Lapseritis

This is an excerpt from The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3 (unpublished), written by Seth Buoymaster. The following message was given to Seth from the Sasquatch Collective Consciousness:


“What we, the collective Star Elders, Ancient Ones and Sasquatch races have to offer is a gift to be used and added to. This is a conscious awareness and reconnection with the complete manifestation of ONENESS. You could say it's akin to bringing a piece of heaven forward and saying here, RE-MEMBER this, align with it and co-create from it, then you will know a life that is free from war on any level. What you're not aware of remains inactive for you until your consciousness is placed upon it. When you become aware of it, it manifests more and more into your day to day life expressions. The conscious reunion with THE ONE allows for a massive shift out of the destructive, separatizing paradigmal loops.”

“All of existence that has chosen to co-create Oneness has created a consciousness field called THE ONE.”

“Place finger on The ONE, completely relax and allow the Re-membrance to be fully realized. Enliven objects by placing them on the image to help you to continue your process of surrendering your separation with LIFE. This helps you to enter into the truth of life that all is ONE.”

“The consciousness of THE ONE has been built over many eons and is an unstoppable power that no technology can alter. Anything that's discordant that gets near it becomes transformed into a state of perfection. Your past and future selves have added to this as in the future you fully realize that the denied, unresolved past events that diminish your perfection must be addressed in order to move forward unimpeded to co-create perfection reality fields.”

“The love deniers run for their lives in the presence of THE ONE as they carry such disharmony that getting near it starts to reorganize it out of its discordant state and that to them seems like the end. What they will eventually realize is that under their discord is God Source First Eternal. When they fight it they lose every time, as the energies of THE ONE are a perfected eternal manifestation. The love deniers spend most of their time trying to acquire power because they are losing it all the time with their choices.”

“The time is now to share and reconnect your awareness to its power over all of your lives and every element in creation for swift, concise, unstoppable transformation in direct accord with the divine ideal of perfection, experienced to its fullest, by all.”

“Where THE ONE manifests from is within and without. Its presence is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. The Energies of THE ONE make up eternal life reality fields; far from the false reality matrices that your people create that crumbles and rots the moment it’s erected. We connect with this energy that is why we can live thousands of years; you can too. The ONE is so completely harmonized and balanced that imperfection cannot exist. It is so important to help you be aware of this living manifestation as its ability to help you help yourselves is unparalleled.”

“The ONE is a complex of the MANY AS ONE. It manifests from constructive comradeship, it has been said before ‘all for one and one for all.’ You have worked to co-create THE ONE in the past so now that you are becoming aware of it, you can become one with it and allow it to flow into every area of your life consciously, then out to every area of life to benefit from its wondrous presence co-creating an eternal cycle.
Aligning with THE ONE helps you to align with the reality fields of which it is part of. This is important because if the planet becomes uninhabitable, you will have already been in a process of shifting yourself out of the destructive realities and into constructive oneness based reality fields.
The energies of THE ONE are what allow the reality to unfold where all work together to co-create higher and higher levels of perfection to experience. This outward oneness comes when you have developed levels of oneness within. This divine reciprocity creates Eternal Life reality fields, which is the heart of it all.”

“Just being near THE ONE encourages more perfect creations to manifest quickly and efficiently. This energy is already inside yourself, and as you near it and welcome this level of perfection, it will bring forth the perfections inherent in all. Re-member that THE ONE is a giant thought form being that is an ally and co-creator of Eternal Life. Its presence brings forth tremendous transformation. The time is now to let go of imperfect life and embrace perfect life reality fields. The more you consciously walk hand in hand with THE ONE, the easier it is for you to be able to handle more perfect reality fields. It will also be easier if need be to help you shift out of your environment if an emergency arises.”

“This is all being pointed out as it is your future if you choose. The re-membrances of Eternal Life awaken these potentials within. The ONE awakens dormant DNA, RNA and epigenetic overlays along with transforming miasmic distortions that shut the DNA, RNA and epigenetic overlay down which has caused your species to be less than you’re fullest potential. This may come in the form of pops and movements in your body as you relax your contractions and allow THE ONE to emerge from within and coming to you from without, purifying and perfecting everything that is imperfect in between. This process can be called the great surrender.”

“The importance of this conscious connection is that it gives you the entire boost you need to break through all your limitations to freedom. The mass mind control has kept the focus away from this oneness. It has basically made you believe in victim/victimizer realities predominantly.”

“In creation, there are dynamics that support and enhance. If they aren't consciously contacted, the being or aspect of life can become stuck due to a lack of alignment with the power to help you break free. The ONE, if you meditate on the feeling and consciousness of it, is the solution to all discord anywhere. The energies of THE ONE have been around your lives and yet not being aware of it, makes it impossible to use until now as our message will help you to become one with THE ONE.”

“This isn't a quick fix, you will need to do your part to end the separation with THE ONE as separation has become such a norm from all the effects of the victim/victimizer program. Walk hand in hand until you are one with THE ONE and all opposition is purified, then you will realize that this always has been an authentic part of you.”

“This is a gift in the sense that right now humanity has fallen to quite a lowly state due to the distraction of working to survive the victim/victimizer program, and as any true friendship, a host arrangement that takes place where the host helps by sharing enlightenment and true power. This interaction allows the other to utilize and raise their self to a higher level of self reliance. This happens without enabling dysfunction and the honoring of free will.”

Ending Separation with THE ONE

“Relax and pay attention to every cell of your body now. We will be helping to consciously awaken your wholeness to THE ONE so that you will be aware of its presence within every cell and around your aura, body, and holograms. The connection will start when you say ‘I choose to re-member THE ONE 100% now forever.’ Now relax and receive. Notice what you feel and where you feel it. Close your eyes now and slow down some more and pay even more attention to this connection. Breathe slowly and deeply to assist the process.”

“Some will hear music playing that stirs latent abilities; some will see a giant smiling face that comes from a healthy loving presence full of adoration and understanding. This energy has come from the collective love of life and support of life that chooses life. We will ask you some questions that will help you to be merciful with yourselves. Let go of your fears and need for control, entirely, or just for now to allow yourselves to get the proper boost to your whole being that will allow you to take yourself to the next highest level.”

“With the supportive and transformation energies of THE ONE surrounding you now, it makes it a lot easier for you to transform as the available power is at your disposal. Keep in mind that this power is conscious and honorable and is only going to be available to bring about the highest and best in the highest and best way for all in direct accord with God Source First Eternal as it is a direct expression of the source. That is why some of you are crying a bit as the healing has already begun. For those that don't feel anything, the time is now to let down your guard, trust and accept... whether you feel it or not, the effects will help make healthy changes in your life. Simply relax, take slow deep breaths relaxing more with each breath. Breathe in the greatness... Breathe out to allow transformation to the opposition of the greatness.”

THE ONE says, “The Choice is yours”

“This process can be done regularly to help you keep transforming the layers of imperfection you have built into your being. Allow time for integration and in between the choices for the energies to calm down before going to the next. We know many of you are excited to be all you can be and we appreciate the enthusiasm yet remember to keep yourself balanced by choosing a balanced approach to your authentic self reemergence by allowing integration.”

“Do you choose Love 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to Love and be Loved 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose Forgiveness and to be Forgiven 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose Sovereignty 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose Complete Authentic Freedom 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose Perfect Self Empowerment 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose Eternal Life 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to let go completely of the false self you believe you have to be or are told to be and allow that which you truly are to emerge and know yourself as your Eternal Authentic Identity 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to be healed of all causes of your suffering and the effects 100% now? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to allow your heart fortress of protection to be dismantled 100% so your heart can sing its beautiful song all over eternity safely? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to allow the whole of you to enter into Perfect Oneness 100% canceling your hypnosis of separation? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to end ignorance of the TRUTH and end unhealthy denial 100% so you can unleash your full power? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to be part of the wave of ascent to the Eternal Life Reality Fields 100%?” Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to relinquish your self pity 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”
“Do you choose to relinquish your self importance 100%? Yes? Greatness then!”

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This quote is an excerpt from the third book in the "Sasquatch Message to Humanity" series, chapter by Seth Buoymaster. The entire first two books written by SunBow and the third book by various authors are also published and for sale at Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website here:


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