16 May 2018

The Shade, the Event and the Gateway to Agartha (May/June into Summer Solstice 2018) ~ The Nine & Magenta Pixie ~ 12 May 2018

The "dragon", as in Avalon. The "Shade" refers to the the currently inactive 10 strands of DNA, awaiting activation. The Nine also terms Agartha as "The Shade" as they represent the 10 strands, as opposed to the surface Humanity, who represent the 2 strands.

More activations coming up as we approach the June Solstice period.

The Event will activate the dormant DNA within us. Interestingly enough, The Nine are saying that it's time for "Keepers of the Flame" to go into Agartha for their mission. This is similar to the Resistance Movement calling for their mission partners.

The Event, First Contact, Agarthans coming to the surface, the Solar Flash....these are all truths.

Please listen here.

Description given:
There will be many teachings, many tales and many stories; for the dragon has returned.