02 May 2018

The Stone People ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 30 April 2018

Source: Andrew Bartzis

The mineral people are here to hold our energy, to hold our love, to hold our desires and needs, so that when they fall into the understanding or grow into the understanding, that all knowledge, all records are held within the very stones under your feet.

They are the record keepers.

They are the known revealed.

When you choose to connect with them in that manner you understand that they present the transparent history of our world. If you should look at it in person the very concept of the stone people, the mineral people, the gem people, have gone back into the deepest parts of our history and spread to the stars beyond while inheriting the crystal technologies of the myriad and Atlantis and beyond.

Atlantis was a time where they took the crystals to the foundations of this world.
The myriad was a time when the crystals brought this world to a new age of enlightenment, but for every new age of enlightenment there's an age of darkness, and a new age of enlightenment.
Over and over we we repeat this cycle. It's the shaman's life, death and rebirth.
The very love, life, death, and the process of this world, is the same process we go through on the micro scale.

The Earth is the macro, going through many enlightenments and non-enlightenments.
So what we have right now is a shaman's state planted over our Earth Mother.

She's looking up upon her friends, her family, her loved ones, and saying "We are going through the rebirth, the rebirth race, where we connect to our records, connect to our stone people and the animal people and winged, two legged, and creepy crawlers, and all those things that live on this Earth."

-Andrew Bartzis

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