23 May 2018

The Time is Now for Re-Evolution ~ Ra-Phah & Seth Buoymaster ~ 23 May 2018

To me, this sounds like the Primary Anomaly, or Yaldabaoth.

Source: Kelly Lapseritis

 Transcribed by Seth Buoymaster 5/22/2018

An Ancient One Called Ra-phah (pah) approached me and asked if I would help share some information that is important to help shift many reality fields out of De-Evolution into Re-Evolution.

He titles it “Project Re-Evolution.”

“One of your Divine commissions you came here to do is ready for action. The time is upon you to do your part in bridging the gap from the future of the Evolutionary Life, to the NOW.”

He went on to explain that life on this planet, the stalled and waning consciousness and the all-out attack on information, has caused a repression of the natural evolution of life towards higher and higher levels of expression.

As we conversed, it was clear that our planet and our species is having an effect on all life everywhere. We are a cog in the clock of life that is causing the clock as a whole to malfunction. We, in affect, are one of the main problems slowing down many other life forms in our galaxy and beyond from moving forward. It's not that we are bad, it's just that were caught up in a scheme that has made it very hard to move forward out of history repeating itself. The cause is being addressed here.

“As you fulfill Project Re-evolution, many other projects will be set free to bring forward LIFE.”

The clarity that Ra-phah expresses led me to believe that this being has a great view of what the energy dynamics that make up life are and a genius planner to help change it. It seemed hard to believe at first, then I was showed more about how in the future it has already happened and that the inevitable bridging of the gap is moving our way to where we are NOW. This message brought to our attention and the fulfillment of Project Re-evolution in the Now, is what created the fulfillment of it in the first place.

In other words, this project done now by us, manifests the fulfillment in the future and as the back flow from the future returns, it all collapses in the Now, bridging the gap and creating a new paradigm of Re-Evolution, or more appropriately, a life without the De-Evolutionary scheme. This restores the natural order to manifestation.

“The main point now is that all the alignments to fulfill Project Re-evolution are in place and all you have to do is make a choice.”

“History, action, affect-effect is what follows. It's a simple process.”

“The Time is Now to break the cycle of history repeating itself in an endless loop of De-Evolution. Yes? Greatness Then!”

The history is so much like what is happening now, just different character forms.
I was told that if 490 people sincerely make this choice that will be all that is necessary to initiate critical mass. Once critical mass is reached, all the readied inertia will break free to change this whole paradigm around. It's like a rubber band pulled tight waiting to be released and when it is, it moves forward with great speed. This fulfillment is inevitable now as based on their predictions that around 1,500 or more will make the necessary choices and assist in the releasing of the De-Evolutionary scheme from themselves, which helps to free it from those so hopelessly lost in De-Evolution, essentially imprisoned by its effects. For those that are awake and doing your parts, it’s akin to being an older brother or sister to younger beings and to help them break free from the limitations of ignorance. If they could help themselves they would, until then just like a child, so inquisitive, you give them information to help them evolve and empower them.

“This information transfer is on another level besides verbal, it’s universal, and it will be like waking from a dream.”

History by Ra-phah:

“The time is set around 4 billion years ago. A war was going on between a group of beings that imagined a life without confines. The confiner's could only imagine a life as the owners of it all.
The biggest threat to the confiner's was knowledge, specifically knowledge that enlightens a being and helps set it free from limitations.”

“The confiner's in their attempts to rule all, found that if they created a scheme that would assist in the repression and annihilation of information that all control would be theirs.”

“As their scientists worked to develop the means for knowledge suppression and elimination, a team caught wind of this new scheme to be developed. The team, the 'information keepers', that act as living pure knowledge saw just how much repression and disrespect for the rest of life would occur and made a choice. The choice was to co-create a countermeasure to ensure equality and the Re-Evolution scheme was born.”

“A group of beings were created by the scientists as part of the scheme called the 'inequality creators.' These beings were programmed by the scientists to gather all knowledge that would help beings enlighten themselves to higher and higher states. Also they were programmed to spread false information that would be deceptive in that it would appear to enlighten yet is would actually serve to De-Evolve and confuse.”

“The progressive loss of true knowledge spread through various systems that were deemed most threatening. The other systems with naive primitive life were brainwashed through lies and information that actually reversed the natural progression of true self-expression.”

“The true self expansion inhibition programming still runs on many of your planets to this day, yet not for long. The effects of all this is obvious to see in the masses by them being unaware of what's really happening and knowing who you they truly are. Even the new age movement has been greatly corrupted and flooded with so many ideas that people can get confused. In case you haven't noticed, it subconsciously says that the information you need is outside yourself which keeps you focused away from your true presence within, the inner master of life.”

“As millions of years passed, the scheme builds a thought-form entity from all the activity and side effects from the scientist’s creations, the inequality creators.”

“This thought-form entity's (called the Incredulous One) main drive is to essentially discredit everything. For its whole life it has only known the story line of all creative information is a threat.

The thought-form’s weapons were consciousness technology of unconceivable, unconvincing, unimaginable, unthinkable, unbelievable, implausible. etc. to name a few. It would apply this and the effects are obvious, confusion and limitation which creates De-Evolution.”

“What the scientists didn't realize is that this thought-form entity was weaving itself into every area of life as it took on a life of its own. The confiners, their scientists and the scientist’s creations all became a target to this thought-form entity. Since they hoarded a huge amount of information for their own agendas, the tables were turned and many perished from their own creations. It shows you get back that which you give.”

“As the Incredulous One gained in power and refined its ability to eradicate the “threat,” which is Knowledge. It started to go not after just knowledge but the source of knowledge, creation itself. The base templates from which life manifests was now the target as it was able to keep creating intelligent life-forms.”

“The problem is that a seemingly endless war ensued as 'creation itself' is impervious. As the creations manifested, the Incredulous One would work to destroy them by taking out the intelligences that keep them organized, so many mutations resulted. Have you ever wondered where the mutations came from that inhibit vitamin C production in your bodies or certain amino acids or essential minerals and fatty acids that make you more reliant comes from? The mutants had very little ability to do much for themselves and a co-dependency developed that plays out to this day, yet not for long. The entitled ones are byproducts of this epic scheme. When the entitled become unentitled, they can hardly do anything for themselves or others. Disability of any kind is a result from all this scheme of De-Evolution.”

“This seen yet unseen play-out is imperative to address at this time.”

“The dis-eases of the mind, the lack of focus, the loss of memory and the decline of the ability to improve life are all byproducts of the De-Evolution scheme complex.”

“The De-Evolution scheme complex has been running rampant for so long and has gotten to a point where the loss of consciousness to your species and many others has been escalating. From our perspective, it's as if a light gets dimmer each day. As the days go by, the feeling for the need to awaken and preserve the information you have increases as it feels like it's slipping away.”

“Apathy is another program to shut down discovery. It is one of the crowning achievements of the scientists, yet as it overtakes them, the solutions to this scheme have gone undiscovered by the masses, until now.”

“The solution is to know what is happening and make choices to end the participation in it which disempowers the complex as it loses energy with ever withdrawal.”

“The scientists through much struggle found some ways to hide the knowledge from the Incredulous One. That is why there is so much secret activity not only on your planet but many others. The less thought-forms there are of Knowledge out in the open, the harder it for the Incredulous One to discover and work to cease its activity.”

“As you look at yourself and around at life, do you see and feel how this is still playing out?”

“The end result, if this scheme of De-Evolution if left to play out to the fullest, is Mindlessness. The ceasing of life and an easily controlled life-form results, perfect for the confiners. Yet due to its epic proportion, even the confiners are having a hard time with this. That is why the countermeasure is consciously being employed now.”

“The Incredulous One’s days are numbered across the timeline, as in the future it's already nonexistent and even in the past, it’s presence is being broken down by the countermeasure group so its influence is minimized. It can be used to learn from yet the excessive damage and overall threat to life, due to its nature, is being purified so life can continue with the Re-Evolution project.”

“This team of information keepers uses their knowledge to outwit this being since it is predictable. For example, put information out loud and clear, and as it approaches a trap, it is sprung and transformed”.

“The Incredulous One’s greatest flaw is that it has to go where information is to enlighten and work to discredit it. Internet trolls, dis-info spreaders are all its tactics, influencing and taking over the weak minded or mindless that can't think for themselves. Consciously pay them no mind, for the more you engage it, the more you feed the Incredulous One. You’re trying to fight it with Truth, right? That is falling right into its trap. Call it out for what it is and they shut down as the game is exposed and move on.”

“As more of you awaken to this scheme, the more you enlighten and turn tide in your favor. If you don't know what's happening then how are you supposed to do anything about it?”

“The more lighting up of your consciousness through enlightenment like this, the more you can experience the true nature of your being. This helps to rise out of the man-made delusion of life based on a limited backward understanding of who you are as beings. This isn't to discredit the achievements of your species on many levels; it is to say, the time is NOW to go higher.”

“With the right knowledge, you can remain impervious to schemes of all kinds and remain sovereign.”

“Now that we have helped point out this scheme to heighten your awareness of its presence and effects, on to phase two.”

“By meaningfully applying the consciousness technology that follows you will be doing your part to assist in the inevitable fulfillment of Project Re-evolution. Thank You!”

“In other words, you are making it inevitable in the future by applying it in the Now from your knowledge of the past.”

Affirm, “I choose to command what follows from my True Eternal Authentic Presence.”

1) “I choose to be completely disconnected from the Incredulous One, the scientists, all the scientists creations, the confiners and all connected to them now and forever.” Notice the shifts.

2) “I choose to live life 100% in eternal life alignment without the De-Evolutionary scheme complex and all born from it now.” Notice the shifts.

3) “I choose complete healing from all the effects of the De-Evolutionary scheme complex and all born from it.” Notice the shifts

4) “I choose personal power Restorations so all foreign energy exchanged with the De-Evolutionary scheme complex and everything born from it to be pulled, purified and integrated to appropriate place and time to bring about the highest and best for all.” Notice the shifts.

5) “The time is NOW to shift the paradigm of mindlessness to mindfulness, to shift from De-Evolution to Re-Evolution!” Notice the shifts.

Thank you.

“With the completion of these choices a new world is born, and the more of you that choose this, the more it will rise and transform all life everywhere. From this message, to the life upon this planet, through the initiations of your choices, the fulfillment of the transformation from the scheme of De-Evolution to Re-Evolution will be completed.”

“This is a major hurdle for your species and many others to overcome. The time is Now as all the beings that have helped and are helping to make this possible are able to do so and honor your choices.”

“Realize this is an epic Co-Creation.”

“This single act in the story of life frees countless life forms from the confiners and their effects. The confiners are being held accountable and results and effects of their creations are being purified so life can resume its progression of higher and higher expressions in countless forms.”

“To free Knowledge is to free Life itself, as Life is Awareness and Awareness is Knowledge.”

“As the confiners fall away, dis-info loses its momentum and clarity reigns supreme; you will see and feel the effects of your choices.”

“Thank you for your participation that expedites the inevitable awakening of humanity.”

With Endless Love, Support and Action,
Ancient ONE Ra-Phah and Friends
Seth Buoymaster is a contributing author to ‘The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3: Earth Ambassadors Cooperation,’ in which ten authors have transcribed channeled material from Sasquatch and other Ancient Elders.

The first two books in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series was written by SunBĂ´w and the whole series is available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=sasquatch+message+to+humanity&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Asasquatch+message+to+humanity

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