22 May 2018

This hardly EVER happens - Earth soon to be in the middle of a RARE planetary arrangement ~ MrMBB333 ~ 16 May 2018

This video by MrMBB333 shows a phenomenon that will occur around 9 July of this year, when ALL the Planets ~ yes including our dear Pluto ~ will be on the same side of the Sun (as seen in the image above, with Pluto and Saturn further out and therefore not within the screen). They will stay on the same side for 5-6 weeks, until late August.

He feels that the animals are already sensing this very rare alignment (I don't know when was the last time this occurred) and are exhibiting unusual behaviour. The anomalous weather patterns as well as Earth movements, especially what's happening now in Hawaii, may also be indicative of this upcoming alignment.

I appreciate him mentioning Nikola Tesla's discovery (download?) that all Planets have their own frequencies (Music of the Spheres). He also brings up a valid point that hadn't occurred to me ~ when all the Planets are on one side of the Sun, what will it mean in terms of energetic balance?

Dare we hope for a *ahem* MAJOR COSMIC EVENT to be triggered?

Yes, I dare!

I should mention that in the past, this month of Ramadan is usually mercilessly hot, and I often wonder how the those who are fasting get by without water. (But most of all, I often ask myself when some brave cleric would abolish this practice.)

This time, however, we've had rain every day since Ramadan started. Heavy rain, replete with startlingly super-loud thunder and trigger-happy lightning that leaves me awestruck.

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