14 May 2018

Time to Unite with One Common Goal Already....PLEASE!!

I've just posted a message from Edward Morgan that sheds some light/Light on the "Cobra Issue" that seem to have triggered many major Wayshowers as well as Lightworkers. I have observed much of it in recent months with a deep sense of concern for our community and a degree of exasperation as I wonder how in the world we can come together and work towards a common Planetary objective of liberating Humanity without first destroying ourselves in the process.

For me, the most awful thing I read was a major "source" declaring that the murder of Isis Astara was a ploy for Cobra to completely take over the blog. This, to me, is a terrible sign of something very wrong somewhere.

I have also received communications from Lightworkers who have expressed total rejection of Cobra's latest update, "Entry Protocols". Some of them do not know of Cobra's background or work, while some do. Prior to this, I have heard very many concerns about the very name "Cobra" itself, with one VERY major Lightworker actually making fun of it on his webinar.

I have just returned from the Taipei Ascension Conference. It was the first Cobra conference that I've attended, and I went without any expectation except for the main intention of serving in my own capacity to assist in some way towards Liberation and Ascension.

Even before the lunch-break on the first day, it became absolutely obvious to me that Cobra has dedicated his life towards attaining Victory of the Light for the Planet and Humanity. His determination, perseverance, and sheer willpower towards the cause speak volumes about the person that he is. Cobra is nothing short of being deeply devoted to his mission and Life Purpose.

I don't think anyone can pull off the Ascension Conference the way Cobra did if he or she didn't have a Heart-centred higher purpose.

As I've said before, I am no blind follower of anyone, and I do not agree with all of what Cobra has said over the years that I've followed his blog updates. I recognise that as a difference of perspective, and understand that not everyone has to agree on the same thing all the time. I repeatedly say that we are all from different Star Systems spanning the entire Cosmos, and we all operate from an infinite spectrum of perspectives.

Cobra's messages are not for all Lightworkers. Along the same vein, there is no one source that can attract all Lightworkers at the same time. However, we all can have on common goal ~ that of Planetary Liberation and the accelerated evolution of the Human Race. Surely that is something all can agree upon?

One of the very many messages that Cobra imparted during the Conference was that we need to come together in Unity to work towards removing the dark control once and for all. Once we work together and focus our combined efforts on this objective, it can be accomplished very quickly and very easily.

I now ask all major Lightworkers to do just that.


  1. Thank you for giving us your perspective. It helps to hear from someone who has seen Cobra firsthand 😘😘😘

    1. You're very welcome! I think the situation has gotten out of hand, and I truly hope that we all grow up really really really soon!

  2. Superb, Grace. I've been hoping for your perspective and repoering because I too realized that the energy/ focus has turned a suboptimal way.

    "However, we all can have on common goal ~ that of Planetary Liberation and the accelerated evolution of the Human Race. Surely that is something all can agree upon?"

    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

    One other issue is that many people in the spiritual arena have turned away from the big picture because it has become far beyond fathomable for them and severely scares them, so instead they follow paths which emphasize to mainly or even almost entirely focus onto personal individual evolution. I have learned not to forward Cobra's postings anymore because 99,99% of the people are completely taken aback by almost anything he writes (which I have learned from conversations).

    Here's something I need to say about, or rather ask Cobra's regarding his recent postings, though, and it's not easy for me:

    Was it helpful to bring up the entry protocols now even though they are not relevant yet? Would it have been less distracting to bring them up when relevant? Wasn't this just another "The Breakthrough Is Near" watered down into "Victory To The Light"? Another "The Great Central Sun is about to sneeze", and then it does't?

    Why "purpose still classified" and then in the next posting adding clarifying essential details which really are counterproductive to have been "secretized" to begin with?

    When dangling carrots in front of people and then pulling them away, it's a to-be-expected human reaction that some people baa/ bleat/ bray & "hee-haw". That's basic social psychology.

    What if the "Entry Protocols" blog post had been titled "The Resistance is in need of some help" + all the specifics from the clarification posting right away? Would that have gone into the positive and constructive direction right away? So that additional defensive-offensive blaming like "Because of how some of you behave, don't be surprised of more delays in the future" does not occur to further fuel the offense, adding to the blame game?

    I think it would.

    Obviously Cobra is not a perfect human either and makes/ MAY make mistakes. I just hope that he learns and improves, too, by at least seeing his part.

    Above all I hope that the current alienation will transform soon, and that more & more of us surface walkers & the RM/ Inner Earth dwellers get to meet peacefully in mutual multi-level empowerments!


    1. What a *&@# stupid Blogger comment thing this is, I can't even reply to a comment on my own blog without having to jump through loops!!

      Sorry about that little rant. I so hate blogger, google, fb and all these idiotic platforms.

      Having said that Lee, I had to google that Sanskrit bit :D

      "I have learned not to forward Cobra's postings anymore because 99,99% of the people are completely taken aback by almost anything he writes..."

      Yep. Me too. It feels to me sometimes that Humanity has received a tightening of the implant screws, and at the same time, got a download of intense dark programming. The scene is chaos at times, and not pretty.

      I have felt for a long time now that Cobra shouldn't be having such a huge "following", because this has worked against him. His intel isn't meant for the Lightworker-in-the-street; he speaks to Light Warriors, and that too of a certain kind, with lots of Pleiadian energies.

      His readership should have been very select in the first place.

      Love and Blessings

    2. Forgot to say ~ there are times when I believe that some of these updates are meant to gauge our "response"....

  3. oh, did cyberspace hick-up on you - I know how that feels.

    I agree. I feel it's always been a catch 22 for the RM: on the one hand they did feel the need for some recognition and support by the surface population, but on the other hand only very very few can handle this kind of information. By now I think they went public via Cobra way too early, endangering relevance.

    "Gauging": yes he even mentioned this a few times before. But in regards to his latest two postings, the gauge would've been something completely different and not that obscured if he had opted for a proof-read by someone with an adequate perspective and horizon who has a feel for how information is being perceived, for example by you, esp. from a feminine perspective, because now with Isis not being there anymore to assist him, that part is missing (sure that has an impact).

    Another wise person I can thing of is Untwine/ Antoine. But I really think a 2nd pair of eyes/ mind/ heart should read and counsel Cobra on his future updates to avoid a repetition of what just happened.

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence, Lee....I don't think I would accept the role of vetter, though :)

      You brought up a very relevant point. This is the first time I've come across what you mentioned about Isis' absence and how it may have impacted the updates. I never thought of that before....yes, very insightful, Lee! And I agree re.Untwine.

      Here's my opinion, no holds barred. But my opinion only, please remember.

      Cobra is someone who gets straight to the point. In the bigger scheme of things, he probably feels that his role is not to hold our hands. He wants warriors to get the job done. If we get offended by something he didn't intend, then....oh well.

      Time is running out. We are all drained and ready to throw in the towel. But the job is still looming, with so much more to do. And I don't think he wants to babysit us through it all.

      Plus he's with the RM. These are Beings who fought for their liberation. They took action and they had results. He's probably wondering what the heck is going on with us :) And totally exasperated about it.

      You know what? I don't blame him. That's pretty much how I feel sometimes....not only with Humanity, but with the LW community.

      And for the umpteenth time I'm wondering how I ended up here.....

      Blessings :)

  4. Thanks for the clear words. Right, he/ they (the RM) just want to convey what needs to be conveyed according to them. Your differentiation between lightworkers and lightwarriors makes a lot of sense. I think the issue is that too many people have not defined which faction they belong too, and which information is good for them.

    Well I guess most if not all of us underestimated what our journey would turn into.

    Regarding Cobra, I still think with what the mission and congregation has turned into, he is in *dire* need of a PR person for consultation who reads his posts, feedbacks and confers before Cobra sends out these long posts. I'll suggest to him.