01 May 2018

What Is DNA? ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 1 May 2015

Source: Andrew Bartzis

What is DNA?!

DNA is predominantly memory.

We are beings of photonic light acting under a set of rules that dictate how our incarnations express and exchange Energy.

DNA is the encoding, and lightbody is the cypher that codecs our experiences. Revisiting these previous experiences in different lifetimes stores memories into the DNA lineages.

These reverberate into Eternity.

The objective is: growth, Soul expansion.

"Accepted science" does not recognize the ability of DNA change because they measure only the visible part of DNA&RNA structures. But DNA is light in another Form,where Consciousness is the invisible part.

This connects us with the Super-Consciousness and Universal Repository where we transact experiences at the Super-Conscious level.

The invisible part of our DNA encodes every fraction of our "fraud time" into light, no-time and Memory.

"We, as Streams of Consciousness, have thousands of sub-carrier codes, millions of different experiences inside us."

-Andrew Bartzis

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