01 May 2018

When Is The Event Coming? ~ Eric Raines ~ 27 April 2018

"The revolution is not in the streets, and you better believe it will not be televised. The revolution is in the hearts of Humanity."
Source: Eric Raines

When is the Event coming? When will we see the energetic burst that activates us and the planet?

When do you want to see it?

There is a massive brilliance in the future of mankind. The doom and gloom that is being shouted from the mountaintops is there for a reason. For you to give your focus away from what you do prefer in your life.

When we get into the mode of waiting for something to happen, and then we will ___________, suddenly, we are standing still with our hopes and dreams pinned on a point and time where then we will act. Then we will do. Then we will be awake.

The universe doesnt work like this.Yes, there is going to be a return to balance, and what will become the Golden Age, but it is up to us to bring this into reality.

Each and every one of us who begins to focus. To lift our bodies, our minds, our souls to higher levels of consciousness, we know that magic is real. We cant see it, yet, but it is something that cannot be denied. This is a resonance that you can feel radiating through your very soul, your bones, your muscles, your very brain.

God lives inside each of us. Your body is a temple. The brighter you lift yourself, the brighter you transmute the darkness around you. The less darkness in the world, the more light that can come in.

The sun is a reflection of the light innate in Mankind. Do you notice how it is becoming much more intense? As we demand what we prefer in our lives, not by fighting, but by bringing in so much of what we do love that there is no room for anything else, we cleanse ourselves, we cleanse our environment, we cleanse the very makeup of reality around us.

Inside of this resonance, more light can exist.

We ARE the Event. It is not something that is separate from you. It is a deep connection to the reason you are here.

You came to be a part of this darkness. You came to be a source of fear that was preyed upon. You came here to be such a part of this system, that when you begin to choose to shift, it has no choice but to shift with you.

The revolution is not in the streets, and you better believe it will not be televised. The revolution is in the hearts of Humanity.

As we demand cleanliness, not by asking, but by doing, we gain the conscious majority. As the dream and excitement of a free world, with abundance for all lifts the hearts and minds of all souls around the world, no longer will we need to ban weapons, because the desire to kill will no longer exist.

When is the Event coming?

When you are ready. They are reaching down, but they can only lean over so far. We have to rise up to grab ahold. Come fly with us

From my heart to yours,

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