03 June 2018

A Small Fragment of Solara's May 2018 Surf Report ~ Insertion Points of the New Reality

Yes, I know. It's already June. What I didn't know was that the "fragments" were no longer posted on the old site, so although I checked periodically, I didn't see the May report. Apologies.

Anyway, for those interested, here's the May fragment :)

Source: Solara Anani

May brings us a great acceleration with many Breakthroughs, major Turning Points, some shocking events and numerous opportunities for Quantum Leaps. All of these have the potential to greatly alter our direction and reroute us into our True Position. 

During April, many of us started to realize that we have Superpowers. In May, it's time to utilize our Superpowers to bring total transformation. This month brings us an unprecedented infusion of the New Reality of AN. This infusion isn't just for immersing our own selves. Once we have been infused, we have to extend this infusion all over the world and immerse the entire planet with the resonance of the New Reality. Everything gets infused with the Pure True Love of AN. This is how we can use one of our Superpowers to create a new, True World.

As we zoom through the month, we will experience a series of Insertion Points of the New Reality into the HERE and NOW. These Insertion Points arrive from Beyond the Beyond and bring in fresh, new energies which were not here before. Whenever we experience an Insertion Point, our task is to ground it into the physical ~ both into our physical bodies and into the physical earth. This will deeply strengthen our connection with the New Reality of AN..

Since May is a month of mega transformation, we might experience Distortion Bands this month. Once we've entered a Distortion Band, we experience a huge magnification of our fears and ingrained resistance to change. Any attachments we still have to remaining in duality will become stronger and more enticing. Our tired old lives will suddenly look extremely appealing. Often it feels like we are perceiving everything through one of those distorted Funhouse mirrors. If something is actually tall and thin, it will appear to be short and fat. Many elements suddenly have a sinister overtone. Situations and people around us may appear to be threatening, when they're actually not at all. 

This is happening because we simply cannot go forward carrying our old fears and resistances within us. They have to be completely released in order to go deeper into the New Reality. 

Throughout the month, many elements that have been in temporary positions or simply floating in the air, will click into their correct positions, one after the other. They will be joined by some totally new elements which we've been waiting for. Each time this happens, we will breathe a huge sigh of relief because it will feel so good. As this clicking into position continues, we will reconnect with our Right Places and our True People while aligning ourselves with our True Purpose.

The foundation stones that we base our life upon have undergone an extreme reconfiguration. We have removed many of our old foundation stones since they can no longer support us. Other stones have completely disappeared, while new ones have appeared. Because our foundation stones have moved into new positions and even the shape of our foundation has changed, we can no longer remain in our old position standing on our foundation. If we try to stay where we were, we will just experience the same old - same old, until we quickly fall. This means that we have to reposition ourselves right away into our new, True Position.

In May, there is the possibility of life changing events that arise completely unexpectedly. These events can be so powerful that they completely transfigure our known landscape. An example of this is the unforeseen collapse of the Pu'u O'o crater at Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii at the beginning of this month. In just a few days, the massive pool of lava which has been in the crater since 1983 has unexpectedly drained out from the bottom of the crater. It's like pulling out the plug in a bathtub. 

This means that there's a massive river of lava now traveling underground to an unknown destination in the eastern part of the island. This isn't just a normal volcanic eruption. This is a total rerouting into the Unknown from The Way Things Used To Be! The massive river of lava that is underground has to come up to the surface. Yet, at this point, no one can predict where the lava will go or when, where or how it will emerge. 

This situation is similar to what is happening within our own beings. Great potential power is stirring within us and traveling to a new position. Where and how will we finally unleash our Superpowers?
There's a strong sense of newness this month. It almost feels as if we have stepped onto a totally new calendar. The book of our life story up to this point is now turning into dust. It feels like all our experiences, all we have ever been have suddenly dissolved into the ethers. This isn't just a Blank Canvas; it's a whole New Beginning, a true Mu'a ~ the Beginning of a Major New Cycle! 

Throughout May our Superpowers will become more fully expressed. The many who are still asleep will continue to feel shock tremors to their inner and outer systems, urging them to step out of the crumbling world of illusion. Others will join together to migrate out of their old comfort zones into the New Reality which holds the key to a totally new way of being ~ Living the True Life as a True One.

Welcome to a monumental New Beginning ~ MU'A!

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This is a small fragment of Solara's complete MAY 2018 SURF REPORT. 
The Full MAY Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of APRIL 2018, An Insertion Point for Those of the First Wave, An Insertion Point from Antares, Passing Through Distortion Bands, An Insertion Point of the New Reality: The Infusion of AN and the MAY 2018 Overview.
Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German, Russian and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado: 

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