05 June 2018

Ackling Dyke, Dorset ~ Crop Circles ~ 4 June 2018

Crop Circle Connector
A new one! More photos here, or take the magical video tour to see this magnificent crop circle in detail, thanks to some great drone-flying. Also on yt here.

If memory serves, the distance between the tramlines is about 100 feet (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong!) so this creation is huge, spanning more than 300 feet across.

PS. I just found this, from Crop Circle Connector:
"The lines of a tramline are usually about 30 cm wide and 2 metres apart while the distance between tramlines can vary from 12 metres (13 yards) to 30 metres (32.8 yards)...." 
PS/PS. When I first saw this creation, I thought "Sirius". Since I didn't understand why, I moved one and didn't think anymore of it. Then, after posting this, I decided to see if there were any reports offered about the formation, and read this (source) :

"The star Sirius has a strong symbolic connection with this septenary symbol. Star of the gods, sign of Light, of Isis, Toth and the Enlightened, the Star of "Bethlehem" who guides the birth of the divine kings on Earth, etc."