22 June 2018

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in Update ~ 21 June 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in


Lots happing today. Can you feel it?

I had a night with a massive download dream. I woke with hard questions, and the answers were surprising.

In my dream I was at the three sacred Hopi Mesas. A dog had escaped out of an old bus and was heading into the Hopi community. I followed it to make sure that it would be ok. I found myself lost in this community with no electricity and no running water. I was lost, tired, and felt very dirty and out of sorts. A Hopi man noticed my predicament, and he asked me to stay the night in his humble house.

When I woke up the next morning (still in the dream), I went outside and was leaning up on this old rusty car . . . a message began to come through. I began to scribble down this message. It was an entire book on a scrap piece of paper. I was writing in elaborate, old England style cursive. The book was exploding out of me. The book title was . . . How to be a Shaman. A really bad title for a book right? But the message kept coming including mountains of text about what I vaguely remember as a path to our future. I wrote so fast that I looked like a sweating, mad woman. All I wanted to do was go home, get a shower and hide. But a nearby Hopi man wanted me to go with him for the day to a sacred place. I didn’t have any other choice, or way back home, so I went with him. The rusty car didn’t look promising as a getaway vehicle anyway. Then I woke up.

When I woke up in Sedona, my first thought was . . . I am not LIVING here anymore. I felt like my things are here, I sleep here, but I do not live here anymore. Now that is a odd thing to think. So before I opened my eyes or moved, I began my usual questioning.
To fill in the back story . . . Since about 2013, I have been driven to find a new home. I feel done in Sedona, like I felt done in Mt Shasta as well, and have been looking for that new, right place to move to ever since. Over years now, I have searched with no avail. I searched in so many directions, but nothing felt like what I was searching for. I questioned my problem in finding new home. In the past, I would have moved quickly within a powerful flow. It was easy. When I asked about my loss of flow, I heard this. You are not going to find home HERE, as it is not here YET.

So here is what I think is happening now and what the dream was telling me . . . And no, I don’t see myself writing this book, so don’t ask - :) . . . We are searching for a world that we have not finished creating yet. The answers for our future can be found at the core, anchored deep in ancient teachings in ancient places. In my dream, I went to this core. The core is a place that is constant in all dimensions. These core things can be universal truths and locations on Earth like sacred sites, etc.... This is why the dream took place in an ancient culture and also in a sacred land.

I received a download, a door opened, and I was not allowed to go back home, or go backwards . . . back to a place that I was comfortable. Comfort means that you have been there too long. The only path now is forward.

The feeling that I was so dirty and sweaty is because the place where we are going is so pure. The times we live in now is dirty, contaminated, out of balance and is literally shutting down. Thus the rusty car, the old paper and the old writing style. Even though I could not see the new world yet, the contrast between the two worlds was stunning. It might feel like you went straight from a sweaty hike to a formal dinner party. I hope that makes sense.

This is my takeaway. Because I had this dream, it means that we are close to creating a new world for us. I woke up feeling like I had a download. I felt heavy, a bit sick all over, like I was detoxing, and I felt a little disoriented. These are the times I know I need to wake up, prop myself up, and write and share because the message is important.

These events are happening more often these days. Sometimes waking up in the morning is an insult to the spirit especially when we are getting prepped and schooled into a pristine new world while we sleep. All of this was delivered on a minor C class solar flare which probably intensified the vision.

Question for you all, are we flipping back and forth between dimensions in preparation for a world that is about to arrive?

So where do we go from here?

I am going keep asking a lot of questions about everything, keep my eyes open, and allow the process of letting go to continue. May the detox of this old tired paradigm pass with ease and grace with gratitude, as it serviced us well for a long time. And most of all, be ready to LEAP. HAPPY SOLSTICE EVERYONE!

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So . . . I am curious how all of you are feeling on this solstice. It sure feels like a big turning point to for humanity.

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