23 June 2018

Bi-Wave & Tri-Wave

From Heart Star
This is just me, rambling, very likely aimlessly. Please read only if you wish, no information or intel in this post  :)

There are times when I have things on slow-brew in my personal Pensieve that get resolved over time without my having to do anything, and then there are those that seem to go on and on until I actually retrieve it to look at it closely. One of those in the latter category that I'm now extracting to actively mull over is that of the Bi-Wave and Tri-Wave systems.

Before I continue, please know that this is me thinking aloud on paper. I'm not well-versed in the mechanics of what I'm going to write about, it's basically me looking at it from an energetic point of view of a layman.


This topic has crossed my mind regularly ever since I unintentionally (from a conscious level) wandered into an on-going feud (then) between two sources, who will remain unnamed. One of the topics was that of the Vesica Piscis. I extricated myself from the mire of the feud and moved on. However, the position of the Vesica Piscis lingered on as a niggling thought that never left.

That didn't stop me from deeply appreciating Sacred Geometry, and I even have a link to that on the right-panel of my blog.

This topic was pushed to the fore-front once again when Lisa Renee wrote about the Bi- & Tri-Wave systems (here). Once again, I pondered the information, and since then, have been reminded about it now and then whenever Lisa Renee refers to the systems in her write-ups.

Soon, Joanna Fay's New Earth DNA Actications added more fuel to my mulling activity. Joanna demonstrated so eloquently the basis of what's happening, the transition of our reality from duality to triality, and introduced to me the beautiful Ying-Yang-Yuan symbol, image above.

Of course, we have been told repeatedly from other sources that we are evolving out of duality and into trinity/triality over the years, but this is the first time I've come across the Ying-Yang-Yuan. Add to that the writings of Lisa Renee, who explains the built-in decay/death factor (entropy) of the Bi-Wave system based on the Vesica Piscis, and you get something that's whispering louder and louder as time goes by.

So now, I'm going to think aloud and see if I can come to some sort of understanding (for me) of these two systems.

Sacred Geometry Based on Bi- & Tri-Wave Systems

First of all, here's what I get about the symbols or patterns that arise from these two systems, and please bear in mind that they are created by someone, meaning they are based upon the creator's perception. Having said that, I believe that there's an underlying construct to them.

Some examples of Sacred Geometry based on the Bi-Wave system:
Looking at the Bi-Wave Sacred Geometry (or Vesica Piscis-based) energetically, the sense I get is something solid, with boundaries and discrete distinct lines of formation. There is a feeling of physicality. If I were to mentally expand it into 3D, I would get a tetrahedron-like structure, like this (thanks to Nassim Haramein, from whom I learnt this):

And here we have some based on the Tri-Wave, or Krystal Star system:
All images above taken from Lisa Renee's Energetic Synthesis

The Tri-Wave Sacred Geometry gives me a sense of the ethereal. There is a lightness to them. It seems that there's no fixed structure about it, and if I were to expand it to 3D, I feel it would form a lattice of infinite size, growing and stretching outwards. I get why this is called the Krystal Star formation, because these patterns give off that crystalline energy.

Closed and Open Sources

Lisa Renee has this well-written documentation about Closed and Open Sources (here), with the Bi-Wave system being Closed Source, and the Tri-Wave being Open Source.

The Closed Source literally feeds on itself, and is the creation units of Entropy or Anti-Life systems with an element of decay or death. The Open Source takes in energy from outside of itself (I would assume Source or "higher" energy) and establishes a state of balance and homeostasis. It breeds Negentropy states.

For more details, please refer to this brilliant piece by Lisa Renee, Entropy & Negentropy.

What Does This Mean?

So what does this all mean?

Have we been buying into information that keeps us looped in a closed system that is entropic, and therefore with no creation codes to evolve?

Have we been intentionally fed the wrong information to prevent us from ascending?

What about the sacredness of the Golden Mean and Fibonacci Series (base on Bi-Wave system), were we deceived?

Is this like the 60s inverted Peace Symbol all over again, to disrupt and hijack our Ascension process?

My answer to all the above is no, no, no, no. All that we've learnt about the Bi-Wave Sacred Geometry system is valid. This system IS the foundation of this Universe, and it is how this Universe was formed. This is the living (albeit entropic) code of the Universe, and we are therefore designed that way. We ARE this Bi-Wave sacred geometry, it is who we are, and it is what the Universe is.

BUT.....is this going to be the way it is forever, going forward? Aren't we evolving as a Species? Planetary? Solar System? Heck, even Galactic? And come to think of it, isn't our entire Universe evolving?

The Cosmic Reset

We are going through a Cosmic Reset. The ENTIRE Universe.

If we remember that this is the Universe of Nebadon ~ which is the "fallen" (in density and Light) matter Universe to the anti-matter Light Universe of On ~ and see things from this perspective, we can accept this Bi-Wave vs Tri-Wave debate, which actually isn't a debate at all.

When this Universe was formed, the Primary Anamoly was an integral aspect of its creation. In the early days (some 20+ years ago), I learnt that this Anomaly was a "virus" that was unintentionally woven into the cosmic tapestry of the Universe. In other words, it became part of the creation code.bBack then, I didn't know much more than this being just a "virus", the presence of which the Prime Creators were aware, but not its potential consequence. There wasn't much to go on apart from that, information-wise.

Being the "fallen" matter Universe, it makes sense to me that its building blocks would not be the same as the Light anti-matter Universe of On. In other words, it's like if we were to be stranded on a remote and uninhabited island, we have to use whatever we can find to build a home ~ leaves, branches, stones.

In computing terms, the entire operating system ~ including source codes (literally) and hardware ~ for Nebadon would be different from that of On.

However, now that we are heading for a Cosmic Reset, where the Creation codes in this Universe of Nebadon will be re-written (and "writing out" the Anomaly), the inference is that our building blocks, or Bi-Wave patterns, will also change. We are going to evolve. From Bi-Wave to Tri-Wave systems. From Closed to Open Source. From Duality to Triality.

The Trinity. Zero-Point.

And Now, We Evolve....

If we can look at the "debate" between Bi- and Tri-Wave systems as a situational state, without any emotional charge, I feel we can gain a better appreciation of both. The Bi-Wave system was the appropriate foundation for this Universe, and it was usurped and taken advantage of to serve a dark purpose. The Tri-Wave system is our very near future. We are, in fact, in transition....rapidly evolving from one to the other.

What comes to mind immediately is the work of Janosh, who created gorgeous Arcturian Sacred Geometry. It feels to me that his designs are "transitionary", incorporating elements of both Bi- & Tri-Wave systems.
And now, we evolve....

Namaste and Blessings!
Neither Bi- nor Tri-Wave....


  1. Wow, great article, After solstice meditation i participated I felt something put in me/anchored like some cloud or cotton made from light. I was looking past 2 weeks for new gaiaportal update and yesterday I got hit with energy so much I needed rest and then I woke up and check gaia and here new update :) Funny thing was when I started to read it halfway I heard: "2 weeks" wonder what does it mean, didnt get too much hope on it, not to get burned but still something changed. I feel tense, inner tense right now, like right before important match or performance

  2. you dont have problem if I would post your article on my blog?

    1. Many thanks, Sword :) I'm glad you also confirm "something" happened, some others have also said the same thing.

      "2 weeks"....yes the recent Gaia Portal only appeared after a long break. May we see "something" reality-shattering in 2 weeks! Remember MrMBBB333's video about ALL the Planets on the same side of the Sun? It's expected to occur on 9 July:

      Maybe you are sensing and anticipating that....? Which hopefully will trigger "something"....

      Yes, go ahead to post this :) I was only thinking out loud, so I'm glad you found it useful in some way.


  3. Yes, Grace, there is absolute validity in your post...and thank you for opening the door for more exploration. Our timing is NOW and it is exciting and validating to see many who are beginning to understand the beauty of the movement into our “next.”

    First, the Arcturian art from Janosh is beautiful. I am not surprised as Arcturian Technicians were an intrigral part of the EarthProject777 TEAM. The Bi-wave IS our original design...you are correct that it is who we are in our Human Form. It was determined that within our Original DNA, all possibilities existed and while we are a “closed circuit”, we had the solutions to all challenges. However, we were compromised and lost our ability to work within our own system. There are many versions of how that happened...it is sufficient to say that it happened and we were caught in the “loop of repetition.”

    EarthProject777 was a collaborative effort of many Universal Star Systems to understand what had been compromised within the Human as it received, decoded and used information and why it was no longer able to function at the higher cosmic level. After sometime, it was determined that a new, more advanced system that could not be manipulated was to be given for our use here. The Triad Wave Sequencing, a three-part sine wave system, was tested and found to be a way the Human Bi-wave system could function outside of the control and manipulation. It is, in fact the Tri-wave. It allows us, while fully within our Human Form/Container/Body, to have access to our Higher Cosmic Intelligence while still moving within our Soul Purpose here on Gaia. It is often referred to, in our working mode, as the “three legged stool”...the most stable of structures. The three segments open our pathway for expansion of both our physical form and our cosmic intelligence. You mentioned the Fibonacci Sequencing...it is the building block...and yet, in the Bi-wave configuration, it is constantly moving out (searching for what’s next rather than using our innate, internal system for solutions). It was determined that in order for it to be upgraded, there would be a “fold-over” that would allow us to utilize the fullness while in our Human Form...and that was accomplished many years ago as the three segments began their work here on the planet.

    It matters not if you refer to it as The Triad Wave or the Tri-wave...it is our pathway forward. Thank you for your beautifully written piece and for sharing. As for the “dates” we are given only to find nothing happening...we refer to them as “markers”...points where attention is gathered providing an amplification of vibration to assist as we focus together. There is an old saying that was given in one of the early encounters with my off-planet advisors...Time is the control mechanism that holds the Human in limbo and confusion...Timing is the way of the Masters, flexible and ever-changing.

    1. Brenda, I'm so glad to see your comment because ~ and I promise this is the truth ~ I was going to write something like, "And what about the Triad Wave from Brenda Williams?" and then decided against it because I didn't want to include something I didn't fully understand. I didn't even know if it was related to the topic!

      Thank you for providing additional information about the Triad Wave, I understand the mechanics behind it much better now. I will feature your comment as a post on its own, if you do not have any objections. Why am I not surprised the Arcturians were involved ;)

      Thank you, Brenda! Blessings

  4. Grace,
    I like it when you think out loud! Interesting and informative. I really enjoyed reading your article.
    Thank you!

  5. Thought-provoking - thank you Grace.