29 June 2018

Diversity ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 28 June 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Diversity is harmony is Oneness, no point in striving for sameness, which includes feeling like people need to be just like you in their thoughts and opinions.

There are 12 (13 now) Zodiac signs, different recipes of the Elements. Some lean toward right brain, some toward left, some have integrated both. Some are more Fire, some more Earth, some more Air, some more Water and we can all align with Aether -- some more masculine and some more feminine, regardless of gender. We are meant to find harmony in diversity, so that we can find our wholeness and an ideal balance and we trigger each other to step into more of our fullness, not create drama. .

We are supposed to just grow from our differences, not be at War. We don't all have to think alike or get angry if we are at different stages in our Soul development.

I can at least say though, an advanced Soul isn't threatened by differing opinions or disagreement or if others can't see certain corruptions, they are in their own process of Soul development.

WE can only plant seeds. Advanced Souls might just need boundaries against war like mentalities and people who aren't able to communicate with integrity, kindness, love and respect. These qualities make us advanced, the rest might just be a know it all attitude, that doesn't respect the view points and journeys of others, if we choose to insult and belittle others, just cause there are differences.

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