13 June 2018

Emery Smith Talks: Notes from Contact in the Desert 2018 ~ Megan Edwards ~ 12 June 2018

Source: Megan Edwards ~ Prepare For Change

Emery Smith gave several presentations at the Sixth Annual Contact in the Desert Conference, June 1-4, 2018 in Indian Wells, California.  There were reportedly over 3,000 people who bought tickets to the conference.  These are notes taken during one of his talks.

Emery Smith was in the US Air Force and stationed at the Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) hospital, in New Mexico, USA. Emery was working in a hospital surgery unit, then asked by officials to do “moonlighting” after hours to make extra money, collecting and harvesting specimens. Emery at first thought this was organ harvesting from fallen soldiers. He was called in to dissect specimens and label tissues. Tissues samples were human at first. Then these human tissues changed. He didn’t ask questions. Emery got increasingly higher security clearances. He was part of a billion dollar project.

Underground Facilities Comprising Millions of Acres

For Emery, it was a fun thing and addictive work, with over 3,000 different specimen samples. Not all were full body, but he looked at mostly limbs or organs. Working in underground bases at Sandia Labs and Los Alamos labs–those are entry points to underground large facilities with millions of acres. Underground labs are 100 to 1,000 feet underground with compartmentalized floors rented by corporations. Emery’s specialty was biologics. He was 6 to 7 hours on the regular hospital job. Then, after hours, he walked over to his moonlighting position underground that was highly secured.

Sandia Labs has a base within a base at Kirtland AF Base. Sandia Mag-Lev 2 train systems connect to Area 51, and different entry points are all connected: White Sands, Mountainair New Mexico, Kirtland, Los Alamos, Dulce, Crestone, Colorado Springs, and Denver Airport. The network may go beyond that. Transport unit holds four people, has nice, comfortable seats, and it goes 700 miles per hour. Each “cab” is the size of a volkwagen truck. This network may go half way around the world. Emery didn’t always know exactly where he was working.

Emery reported to a fire tower after hours on KAFB. He went through security, had a full body scan before he reached the elevator, there was another check with canine units, which were dogs bred to sniff out everything. Then he would climb into a chair lift system to drop down to the lower floors. This underground area is a very large area that is five (5) square acres in size, with many operating rooms. He was given glass pad that looks like x-ray film. The glass pad has database info, with information on what he was working on. He was not allowed to ask questions. He worked there for 3 years. He got higher and higher clearances. He was brought into other projects.

The ET Craft is Organic

The ETs are connected to their craft. The craft is organic and built with ET’s DNA, with their genetic frequency. Emery pulled biotic samples from the craft. The crafts are genetically identical to the ET bodies. The hangers, where the crafts are, are very large, in a “dome” setting that can house 7 jumbo jets. It looks like Star Wars flight line hanger. They (his superiors) always know where you are located inside this huge underground area.

He was describing inside the operating rooms. They are vacuum-sealed like being in a submarine. Two people helped Emery change into an operating suit. The ETs have different atmospheres, so pressurized rooms to work on them are needed. Inter-dimensional beings can shape-shift (change their shapes). They project their DNA. You, (the human from earth) must have same frequency as ET or the ET body will liquefy.

Humans must change their frequency to the ET’s frequencyc. Emery would get inoculated with a little bit of the ETs own DNA to raise his frequency so the ET tissues he worked on wouldn’t be destroyed. In these labs, they were mixing Human, ET and plant DNA.

The inoculations allow you to work on the ET beings. Now they can place a light gel on the back of your hand to inoculate you, then you are the same frequency as ET. Emery, as a young man, didn’t care about being inoculated. But there are side effects. After this inoculation, you can see inter-dimensionally. Seeing things overlay and overlap, see you here, you there, and in another time line. About 50% of people inoculated with this gel have this experience. People “see double,” see light bodies and the astral realms. People see color shifts and hear melodic tones and communications from different ET species, actually singing, like Sanskrit chanting. It’s mostly nice tones that can be heard and a lot of advanced civilizations have this form of communication.

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